Friday, 3 August 2007

Heaven in a glass tube

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Hey guys, I won a prize! A prize for writing a good sex toy review :) Obviously for a sex toy website, I couldn't indulge in my normal graphic account of the experience so I had to give them the shortened version. But you, my dear Reader, you get the full frontal, balls out in the open and waggling in the wind account. So, if you're sitting comfortably, let's lube up and I'll begin x

I have to say I was a bit dubious about the whole idea of sticking a piece of glass up my arse but this dildo was truly amazing. Slim, with a nice tapered tip to aid easy penetration, it was quite small and didn't fill me with the same 'sphincter like a baggy sock'-type horror that some of the other butt plugs and anal pleasuring devices had engendered.

But we didn't just go straight for it. That would make me feel horribly like the 'up the butt girl' and that really wouldn't do for a genteel vanilla fairy like myself. So, to loosen me up a bit, we played with the other toys in the package. I had a free gift for spending over £30, a small tulip type wand stimulator. So, lying on my side with my lower leg straight and the upper one bent, as per my normal practice with such a device, my clit became it's target, rather than my gspot. Although it doesn't have the angled bulb of my original tulip, the long stem and the powerful motor were enough to bring me to a nice climax, at which point my beloved Ruf shoved the brand new lubed-up bendy vibe into my pussy from the rear. It's made of silicon, about 8 inches long and very flexible. It has nice stand-up veins all over the outside and, boy, can you feel those when he's waggling it about, particularly when he really bent it backwards towards my arse, forcing the tip forward onto my gspot. It wasn't long before I was giggling away like a demented lunatic, building up towards something major.

When he finally inserted his fingers and loads of anal lube into my arse, I had been silently willing him to do so for some time. The pressure of that clit stimulator invariably has that effect. The sensations reach so deep inside you that it just calls out for some form of anal penetration to meet them from the other side. Being a vanilla girl, in the past this has always meant his fingers but I was getting brave and this was the reason I had ordered the glass device.

The lube meant that he slid it in with no difficulty at all. We hadn't chilled it but the difference between its temperature and that of my core was enough to force a squeal of pleasure from me at the coolness as it slid inside. Combined with the external vibration on my clit and the bendy vibe pulsing and waggling around inside my cunt, the effect was amazing and I was quickly shrieking like a banshee. The sensation of those bubbles on the shaft penetrating and withdrawing inch by glorious inch was something I had never experienced before. It seemed to touch something so deep inside the core of me and pleasure every sensitive nerve ending both on its way in and on the return trip.

I don't know how long he pleasured me thus but I moaned in protest when he removed the bendy vibe so he hushed me and distracted me with more vigorous dildo waggling before he finally penetrated my empty pussy with his cock. I was almost reduced to tears by the intensity and quantity of the orgasms that ripped through me from the moment he pushed through the circle of sensitive nerve endings at the entrance all the way through his increasingly more violent pumping. The feeling of fullness inside my pelvis, having both entrances occupied was quite exquisite. One after another they hit, crashing and bashing against the walls of my expectation and beating them down with pure force.

Trying not to get carried away with the emotional aspects and focussing on the practicalities, the really good thing about this toy is that it is big enough at the base for you not to be scared of losing it (in either direction) if he stops holding the end but it is still slim enough not to interfere if he wants to attempt to penetrate both holes simultaneously and, trust me, we really tested this out vigorously. I hardly knew what to do with myself. I could barely breathe and my head was pounding, I was shrieking so loud. The whole event was almost traumatic in its intensity and it was all I could do not to burst into tears.

This is the experience I was referring to when talking about the 10,000 miles. If you could have seen me, panting, spent and shaking, my jbf (just been fucked) hair falling over my eyes and face like a curtain and my mouth one big round O of shock. He truly took me to Heaven that day and I hope the entire cast will be taking me back there again very soon.

Quite awesome! And when the review asked me to assess how quiet the item was, I had to admit that this dildo was completely silent but I made a helluva racket!

Slim, with a tapered end for easy penetration and a fat end so you cant lose it

Can't think of anything

Bottom Line
I had several amazing orgasms that almost reduced me to tears. It was heaven.

Would have no qualms about recommending this toy to anyone, even the most nervous anal experimenter.


Anonymous said...

Such fun! CD has a plastic version of that toy. Pulling it out is such an amazing sensation, one bump at a time. I think glass would be amazing... cold, hard. Mmmm.

I loved this line:

"The whole event was almost traumatic in its intensity..."

Yes! (and yay for Bendy!)

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Sounds like you have acquired a awesome collection of toys and a great teacher/partner to help you put them to delightful use.

Thanks for dropping by out bog. We are trying to do as better job of posting

Angela-la-la said...

Was that last line for me? Good to have you back, babe xx

Pixie said...

Wow, I'm breatheless after all that cuming... going to have to lie down and think about things for a bit!!!!!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Wow! It looks, and sounds wonder you won a prize for the review :)

"One after another they hit, crashing and bashing against the walls of my expectation and beating them down with pure force." I love the way you say this...such a perfect description of the first forays into new Vanilla with a twist experiences. BG x

bittersweet me said...

You sold it to me, hun. I love my jelly butt plug, but right now i have sparkly lights flashing in front of my eyes and i feel the need to spend ... I adore that dp sensation. Can't wait to get to grips with it.

I have a bendy one too ;)

having my cake said...

Fille - I hold you partially responsible for my current state of greed and decadence, you're such a bad influence! LMAO

mr & mrs sw - Ruf has been saying that he's going to have to get a cupboard just for my toys which are filling his bedroom. I cant work out if he's complaining or not! It's so lovely to have someone who isnt threatened by toys and just wants to join in :)

Angie - if the cap fits... or should that read dildo? LMAO. I personally guarantee that this one wont hurt...

pixie - Yup, I just lay there in shock for quite a while afterwards. Ruf just watches me and smiles.

BG - This was a very much expanded version of the original review which I think I have hyperlinked to near the end. I wasnt quite sure just how graphic they wanted me to be on their website...

Me - the sensation of the glass is just as Fille said: cold, hard and rippling. Very different to the warm softness of jelly. Someone once recommended that I try a glass dildo because of the amazing sensations but I always resisted because of the cost as, at the time, they were getting on for £100. These were very reasonably priced and Im looking to get myself a slightly bigger, curved version for my pussy :)

Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday morning to you Cake !

That sounds absolutely wonderful ! Ill have to try it one day... I've always wanted to have both places filled at once !!!

Luka said...

Oh, go on then, I'll give it a go.

having my cake said...

Annie and Luka - Get to it ladies. I want no arses to remain unviolated by this time next week lmao. I am on a mission!

Sulpicia said...

uh... how do i become a sex toy reviewer? if it counts... i have reviewed plays, books, movies etc. and i mean as a pro. please, can i review a sex toy, too?

having my cake said...

Lol @ Sulpicia. I actually did this in response to the offer of a prize for the best entries.

Anonymous said...

"I had to admit that this dildo was completely silent but I made a helluva racket!"