Monday, 2 July 2007


So what exactly should your feelings be when, on the Monday after she went to an all-night after-prom party, you find two empty packets of three durex in the waste paper bin in your 16 year old daughter's room...?

Relief, concern, horror...?

Thoughts anyone?

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Mendicatus said...

Disappointment that she got more than you did? ;)

having my cake said...

LMAO! I hadnt thought about it in terms of the previous post. I shall be giggling about that all morning.

Z said...

Relief that she's being sensible. Rage when you find out she's dipping into your supplies.

Angela-la-la said...

Relief. Not only is she using them, she's making sure you know, albeit without having to, like, actually speak to you!

May I suggest gloves for room-cleaning chores from now on? You know what you're like with your allergies, darling :o)

Isabella Snow said...

Im always horrified when I hear about 16 year old girls having sex. God knows it cant possibly be GOOD sex with some boy from school.

Bad sex in school at that age can turn you straight off the sauce for a while, lol!

Al Sensu said...

Amazingly, at that age my daughter did talk to me and had me take her to planned parenthood to go on the pill.

"Dad, you don't think I'm still a virgin, do you?"

The sad part was that the boyfriend who was her first was such as loser.