Thursday, 27 March 2008


Pulling me onto all fours and feeding the pillows underneath my belly whilst I play with my tulip and, at the crucial point, invading me with your fingers. Squealing with excitement as the intrusion takes me completely over the edge, you stroke the length of my back. Strong muscles at my shoulders and arms, softly curving down to my hips and the gentle swell of that fabulous bottom.

Listening carefully for the signs, the outward expressions of my internal arousal.

Waiting for the optimum point of excitement, you push your fingers into me again. Fucking me with them and whispering a commentary of your activities into my ear; bringing me to a fever pitch of excitement with the combination of the clit vibrations and the pumping of your fingers, you hear me begging for it. 'Hit me, hit me!'.

The new toy lies waiting on the bedside table. Soft, white vinyl on one side with pink plush fur on the other. To all intents and purposes, a heart-shaped ping-pong bat.

At first I was scared of it. Afraid of the discomfort its presence might presage. This, after all, is a man who teaches power generation for a living. When he smacks my bottom with his palm, the pain can be almost indescribable. Stinging livid hand prints raised above the soft white flesh.

But then we found the key to the delivery - the accompanying stimulation of the tulip wand throbbing between my legs.

The wonderful sensation as the pleasure in my groin connects to my brain and I start to lose myself; the stinging exquisite pain taking my breath away and forcing me to let go of the tension.

And, at this moment, it is all I can think of. I need you to do it. I want it more than anything.

You smack downwards with the paddle across those pale cheeks. Hearing the 'thwack' on my flesh and the 'oooph' as the breath is knocked out of me, making me fall forwards into the pillows with the force.

And then the whispered:


Waiting for the tulip to do its work and bring me moaning to a climax before you administer six of the best as you continue to push your fingers in and out of me.

Laughing because it's almost like playing the drums running two different rhythms, one with each hand, but also at the way the screams increase in decibels with my pleasure at the assault.

Admiring the redness of the exposed flesh and trying to cool the heat emanating from them with the palm of your hand.

Until, finally, you are ready to administer the coup de grace. You spank each cheek whilst pushing yourself into me and trying to keep in time with the tune on the radio. The ensuing shrieks are reward enough to designate this particular toy a roaring success and I will never be able to hear Nirvana's 'Smells like Teen Spirit' without remembering...



Pixie said...

You are a bad, bad girl, no wonder you had to be spanked! Enjoy!

nitebyrd said...

Cute paddle! It definitely sounds like it makes spanking fun and sexy!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Should that be called a buttock orgasm? I'd like to know what happens if he makes you come and gives you muscle cramps in your foot at the same time. My theory is that you'll feel as if you're having an orgasm in your foot.

having my cake said...

Pixie - I am definitely enjoying them

Nitebyrd - arent they sweet? It's become one of my favourite toys.

GB - Hmmm... Sometimes I start to wonder about gorilla anatomy. He's never given me cramp in my foot so I cant comment but cramp in my thigh was nothing like an orgasm there :)

Isabella Snow said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! That thing makes me giggle, sorry Cake!

Anonymous said...

He must be very coordinated.

Those look like lovely toys... smacking with softness. Nice.

having my cake said...

Isa - Funnily enough Ive been known to giggle when he uses them as well :)

Marianne - The furry side is soft but when applied with force... The vinyl side stings like hell.

2 Dollar Productions said...

It's a fine line in this area, but if done properly, you get what you deserve.

Ro said...

Yegods, this place is becoming quite educational :D

Fat Controller said...

Have you any idea of the effect it has on a man to hear his lover beg to be smacked???

We lose an hour tonight. We'll see if we can't lose it in style!

fingers said...

That padded ping-pong bat is fabulous for playing sneaky drop-shots too...

having my cake said...

2$ - Exactly

Ro - That's me. Always looking to provide for your enhanced sexual performance.

FC - Thanks for reminding me!

Fingers - There's nothing quite like dual purpose sex toys :)