Thursday, 24 April 2008

HNT - Curve


Ruf's fave from the Birthday set...

He likes the way that pose accentuates the hourglass curve from my hip into my waist and back out to my shoulder.

I love having him photograph me. Adore the enthusiasm with which he approaches the duty, knowing that his handiwork will be viewed by my Reader. He makes me feel beautiful and, ipso facto, I become gorgeous - in my mind and in my manner.

And there is nothing more stimulating than watching the effect of that beauty on your naked photographer. Having him set your limbs to the desired position to acquire the most flattering shot. Feel the admiring caress of his hands upon your skin and become aware of the growing dampness of the scrap of cloth covering his eventual goal.

It was not long after this one was taken that he removed all the lingerie and did what needed to be done to achieve the first of several Birthday orgasms.

Happy HNT x



figleaf said...

Aww, he was just saying that because it's true. :-) Happy HNT, Cake.


Osbasso said...

Mighty fine! I question who was really getting the birthday gifts though!

Diana said...

You are indeed beautiful. What a great picture! And what could be better than orgasms for your birthday? Happy Birthday!

naughty endevours said...

Super sexy! HHNT!

Walker said...

I can see why it's his favorite but I'm Greek so I'm bias LOL
Have a nice weekend

Stratocast said...

Fabulous shot! Simply fabulous! Ruf is a lucky dude!

Vixen said...

You have beautiful legs. And the outfit is pretty hot too!

Anonymous said...

I want a naked photographer.... Very sexy pics.

Vi said...

Looking DAMN hot young lady!!!!

Helga Hansen said...

Very nice, Ms Cake...rather tasty, in fact! Ruf is a lucky boy! :)

I Smile 2 Much said...

happy deliciously YUMMY & super sexyACHIEVING HNT 2 u! yes you are indeed absolutely & perfectly gorgeous! ; )

Tom Allen said...

He makes me feel beautiful and, ipso facto, I become gorgeous - in my mind and in my manner.

Funny how that works, huh?

Very nice pose, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Because of the Tone that is visible from this and your Cell Phone photos… I have decided that I need to tone up, if I ever wish to visit your world, to give Ruf, a run for his money!!!
Forbidden, but Not forgotten!!
Your Friend,

Cormac Mac Art said...

Sorry, did you write somthing? I was distracted by the Goddess in the photo.

Amorous Rocker said...

You have gorgeous curves. Sexy picture. Happy HNT!

having my cake said...

Figleaf - Thank you sweetie x

Osbasso - Good question! I think I should demand more pressies in lieu

Diana - Hello. The best birthday gift of all :)

Naughty Ends - Thank you

Walker - Id never really thought about nationality in terms of curve appreciation ;P

Strat - Ta muchly x

Vixen - Thank you. All that cycling must be paying off

Badbadgirl - Im sure someone on here would be willing to help you out :)

Vi - Thank you x

Helga - I keep telling him that :)

i smile 2 much - It would be rude for me to disagree? ;P

Tom - If only more men would realise that, in terms of vocal appreciation more is definitely more

Polar - Cycling and hitting things. It's fun x

Cormac - I like Goddess :)

Amorous Rocker - Thank you.

Lapis Ruber said...

I didn't get round to see everybody yesterday but I am glad not to miss this great photo. Belated Happy Birthday and HNT.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Haha! Now I understand why ol' Ruf is so horny! I hope he doesn't wear himself out, poor chap!

Dazza said...

Very, very nice. But how come people can't spell these days... I mean "nekkid" I ask you!!

Ha ha.


P.S. Happy belated birthday too... and the MP3 is now available for your verdict!

The Troll said...

Happy very late HNT. Didn't know you played! Uber-sexy shot.

Midnight said...

Wow ... fantastic legs and a great outfit! It would look even better on my bedroom floor though ;-)

Redhead Editor said...

Your beauty leaves me speechless. That "seam" where your thigh is attacked to your ass is just breath taking.

TOPolk said...

Great curves. Very beautiful, very sexy.

nitebyrd said...

Gorgeous! You definitely are beautiful.