Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Standing naked in front of your full length ‘magic’ mirror, seeing myself through your eyes. Preening and acknowledging the good parts of a body that is wearing very well when, suddenly, you are behind me. Pressing yourself up against me so I can feel you pulsating against my back, so hard even though you’ve hardly touched me yet.

Your hands cupping my breasts and your mouth nuzzling my ear. Warm breath sending pulses of electricity shivering through me. Until I want you so much it hurts and I wriggle back into you trying to communicate the urgency of my need.

You pinch my nipples until I gasp whilst pulling me even closer. Your hands moving up and down my stomach, caressing and tickling and tweaking. It’s like being stroked by an octopus and all the time I’m aware of you throbbing against my back. Extending my fingers behind me and stroking your balls, I can hear you moan in my ear. That sound, so low and throaty, it makes me wetter than ever.

I love watching us in that mirror: our shapes, the way our bodies meld together, the tattoos on your arms swimming all over my white skin.

Turning my head so our lips can touch, the double-headed force of your desire infiltrating my mouth and pulsing against my thigh.

Your hands are on my hips, running down over my bottom and then between my legs… checking to see how much I want you. It’s so wet your fingers just slide into the opening. Kneeling down to get a better angle and kissing the small of my back as you push up inside me, hitting my g spot first time and loving that sharp intake of breath as the wave of pleasure washes over me. Again and again and again until my knees begin to buckle.

Opening my eyes momentarily, my reflection shows the red marks where your stubble has prickled my skin, mingling with the flush of my own arousal. Livid against the white flesh. The image completed by the face of a woman in the throes of passion, acquiescent and desperate for consummation.

Removing your hand and reaching around under my knees, just picking me up like a ragdoll to take me over to the bed. Lying down behind me, you let me suck myself from your fingers before reaching over to reclaim the taste with your kisses.

Reaching behind, I pull that lovely shaft towards its goal, caressing and stroking it up and down, up and down, closer and closer, guiding it in. Your arms are around me and we’re like spoons in a drawer completely joined together. I press as far down as I can, clenching as you try to withdraw.

Take me now, make me yours!

Your hands gripping my nipples and pulling me up and down in time with your rhythm and it’s all I can think of, up and down, up and down, riding the storm rising in me, feeling myself opening and closing in time as it hits me, wave after wave.

My eyes are closed and my mouth opens, shouting for you the way you love to hear it. Wanting it so badly, I can feel you tensing and tensing and tensing. Whispering my name as you fill me up with you.

Hot and wet and warm, inside and out, your heart hammering against my shoulder.

All wrapped up in you as we drift off...


Gorilla Bananas said...

Good one. I like a bit of nipple-pinching to get things moving.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I like sessions where there's so many limbs on each other in so many places that it feels like an octopus is in the room.

Stratocast said...

Oh my! Very nice! I'm a nipple fan as well.

Walker said...

A mirror only makes it twice as electrifing.
An orgy of two

Ro said...

Hmmm ... mirrors certainly do have their magic. It's a bit like being able to watch yourself starring in a top-notch porn film but feeling all those sensations and emotions.

Nice one ...

Angela-la-la said...

I'd like to thank Ruf for finally enabling you to stand in front of a mirror and appreciate what you see.


Redhead Editor said...

So hot. So loving. But back to so hot.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful image in that mirror... I could picture it all.