Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Statcounter Haiku*

The Statcounter grows
It's validating my prose
What worth? Well, who knows...

I had such fun last week. My inclusion as 'the Button' over at The Kristen Diaries meant that I had a whole lot of new friends come and take a look at my writing.

For someone with an ego so fragile and in need of personal validation, it was like balm to my spirit.

I had set a target of 100,000 visitors by the time my first BlogDay comes around in June and the Kristen influx took me over that well before that time - for which I thank each and every one of you.

But am I happy?

Well, I was for a few days... but once the Statcounter showed 125,000, then I started thinking about 200,000 by my BlogDay.

I'm not sure this is good for me. It makes me even more needy.

I may have to remove the Statcounter for my own good.

*Haikus are poems that contain 5 syllables in the first and third line and 7 in the second line. I'm not sure if they're supposed to rhyme. But I prefer poetry that way.


Stratocast said...

StatCounter is definitely an addictive game that it's best to stay away from. Wish I could stay away from it.

Damn, those are some incredible numbers you have, by the way!

Phil said...

Forget the stats. Write for your own pleasure, and of course ours.

Anonymous said...

~~Little wonder you have those numbers..Pop! goes The StatCounter!
(that was me!:)
~~Bless you!
Keep it real, sweetie!

having my cake said...

Strat - There are clearly some very astute and discerning readers out there ;)

Phil - I shall continue to aim to please.

Will - Thank you. And thank you again for my lovely birthday surprise on your blog x

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I love stat counter, such fun to see where people come from to read your blog
Congrats though, your figures are amazing! BG x

Duke Orsino said...

There are good and bad things about Statcounter, and its addictiveness can blind you to what you're actually trying to acheive with your blog. Lots of hits? Lots of visitors? Lots of commenters that you can interact with? Only you can decide that, and I've found that that changes as you get more into it.

One thing I will say, though: I'm not sure the new design help encourage people to explore. Nothing changes "above the fold" (ie, on that part of the window that's revealed when it's first opened in a browser), and therefore readers have to scroll down each visit to see if anything's changed. Most people are incredibly lazy, and will move on before they do that.

Sad, but true, although you seem to be doing OK.

Tom Allen said...

When I started blogging (a little more than a year and a half ago), I wasn't thinking in terms of numbers - I just wanted to write. I started putting my blogsite in my sigs on various groups, and the numbers grew. Then I'd find that people I didn't even know were linking to me, and at some point my ego kicked in.

I know that I could improve the numbers by posting more eye candy, but I'm afraid that if my numbers got any bigger then I'd be more concerned with the count than with actually writing things that are, you know, worth reading.

having my cake said...

BG - I agree, it is lovely to check out all the stats. Im just concerned that I might not be doing it for the right reasons sometimes. I may have to take myself outside and have a word with myself :)

Your Grace - Clearly my readers cannot be tarred with the lazy brush and I thank them all for their enthusiastic scrolling.

Tom - Eye candy is always welcome and your pictures can be particularly illuminating ;P

Anonymous said...

Just keep writing the way that you do, sharing yourself openly, and you will have the numbers you deserve. But definitely don't write for the numbers. :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

I couldn't/wouldn't have a stat counter the first five months of my blog... because I knew what that would do to the sales person in me... numbers! numbers! I have one now and it's a bit addictive.

But for the record, a ton of my visitors come from your blog, missy... so thanks. :-)

I hope Troll sees your Haiku.

having my cake said...

Marianne - Thank you. Altho Im not sure I know how to write for the numbers... more nakedness perhaps LMAO

AB - You're welcome. I have emailed the Troll. Since it was he who introduced me to the concept, I would love to have his verdict.

The Troll said...

I like YOU and your prose. But I'm a Haiku purist. They shouldn't rhyme. 17 spankings are in order!



having my cake said...

Troll, Im bending over... but Im still wildly insisting that it's better to have rhyming poetry!