Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Hero Undone

There comes a time when a man cannot continue to fuck whilst remaining behind the protective barrier of his clothes. He has to remove the symbols of his power, his superhero uniform and bare himself and his soul.

I have always loved fucking my wife. Yes, maybe not so frequently over the past few years with the constraints and pressures of work and a young family. But I still enjoyed it. Our lovemaking has never totally reverted to the formulaic actions experienced by many couples.

And yet I had come to realise that there was something missing. An indefinable, indescribable something that I just couldn't put my finger on... until the day she came into my life.

She took over my imagination, filled me with the deepest and darkest of desires. Relit the fire in my belly, awakened the hunger in my groin until I could think of nothing but releasing the pressure.

Over those weeks, I fucked my wife with an intensity that had been missing for years. There was variety in our positions and uncontrollable passion in our embraces. I thought of sex the whole time I was at work, longing to get home and empty myself into her. But then came the day, the fateful day when the reality hit.

As I pulled my wife up onto her knees, suddenly all I could see was her. That body so permanently imprinted on my memory. The white globes of her butt delineated before my eyes. My hands on her lower back, then holding on to her shoulders tightly, gripping them while I pounded into her. Hearing her screams. One hand reaching round and grabbing her around her throat, muffling the sound. I wanted to hurt her so bad. For making me feel like this. For making me fuck her when I should be with my wife... for making me think about her when I am fucking my wife.

But it only took the thought of my fingers curling around her throat, testing her to see how much she could take, hearing her gag while my cock slammed into her cunt... My breathing increasing its rapidity just imagining that, until I could hear her voice whispering the word, soft and sweet inside my head.

And I was undone.

Beneath me, my wife's long dark hair morphed into the distinctive chestnut bob, their bodies merged into each other so as to be indistinguishable. Two women: one who currently enveloped my body and another who so permanently occupied my mind.

This could not continue. For the sake of my sanity, I had to make it stop.

I would have to try to stay away from her but I just wasn't sure that I could.

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Dazza said...

Very powerful stuff... I really liked your post on Shane (below) too.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I suppose a threesome was out of the question. He reminds me of Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct: the scene where he's giving it to his ex while thinking of Sharon Stone.

Confessor X said...

WOW!...This was a damn good and moving post...all the mental images, thoughts racing...it hit home to me...I love this and everything about it! THANK YOU!

Ro said...

What a story! And you write so well as a man too - is there something you're not telling us? ;^)

Will there be a sequel?

Walker said...

Inspiration comes from many places.