Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Ruf Guide to Coital Stamina

Brian asked me how Ruf manages to keep up with my demands and I promised to see if he had any tips for the acquisition and maintenance of physical prowess in the bedroom.

In response to my own amazement at his stamina, Ruf has often told me that fitness is all. And so I quizzed him about pushups and squats but he says, no. Apparently, they help, but it is your cardio work-out that should be paramount. I started to write some of it down but, in the end, it was easier to let him address you himself:

Interval training or fartleks - can be used for any form of cardio work. Running, swimming, cycling, rowing, bagwork (my fave). Textbook intervals suggest a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, 10 seconds on and 20 or 30 off. This is what sprinters do and, as it sounds, the on part has to be flat out, the off part is recovery. Fartleks involve running at different percentages of full speed, so say 25% for so long, then 50%, then 75% then 90% or something and then walking.

Then once the anaerobic base is built you can go for anaerobic endurance, that is repeated sprints. Footballers will do this training as should other multiple sprint event players. Tennis players, etc. The problem with only doing the anaerobic training as above is that it is not representative of the event in question. For example, in squash you don't often get double or triple the sprint time off!!

The advantage of this training is that the aerobic system is also improved along with the anaerobic. In terms of fucking you can build the required stamina to physically pump for an extended period and can intersperse less demanding 'intervals' with flat out shafting. Of course, it is necessary to develop some control of ejaculation, a less demanding 'interval' can help here as can changing position, which can be disguised as simply teasing technique or similar.

Erection can be maintained by 'working the edge' as porn stars would say, getting close then moving away from it. Personally, kissing usually gets me really hard again if the old fella is wanting a bit of time off. Obviously, some refraction time is required here and there. This can be occupied with eating, which always lends fresh impetus to fucking desire, as energy stores are replenished. As Cake enjoys getting it from various instruments, refraction time can be filled with a triple toy effect: clit, cunt and arse! She seems to like this. And the observed pleasure often leads to restoring hardness. Besides this, there is still the top pocket available which can assist this restoration, if she is still capable of cock sucking. Often its more of a stuffing than a sucking.

Also I find that switching attention from self to other helps delay ejaculation. That is, once Cake is screaming for harder fuckage I can go for that demand rather than working my way to coming, as sometimes a slower stroke gets you there. So switching to a faster rhythm takes you back from the edge.

And if I really need drastic help I think of something completely asexual. A car crash is one I use, or the image of my grandmother is another.

So, there you have it. That's what Ruf is doing in the intervals between my visits and what he's thinking during them - which was certainly an education to me...

But don't forget, it doesn't matter how much stamina you have if you don't know what to do with it or if what you are doing is not stimulating your partner. After stamina, the most important tool is definitely communication.

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Brian said...

Nice one. Tel Ruf I owe him a pint! I Shall put these to the test and let you know how I get on.
"fartleks" (childish snigger)
"most important tool" (double snigger)


Walker said...

I'm worn out just reading it.
I'll stick to just smoking a joint before and pretend I'm a porn star or at least a camera man with a hard on.

But your right, there is nothing without communication.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Let's hope he doesn't overwork his well-serviced equipment. Do his balls ever ache?

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Precisely why I go for the type of men I do...they not only have to be able to go all night, but carry me round in the day ;) BG

Apollo Unchained said...

Well I'm inspired! And thank you for a well-informed piece.

I can't do flat out running any more because of my knees, but I can still jog. I like to jog up hills because it's easy to go anaerobic with very low impact. In fact, fast walking up a steep hill can probably do it for many of us.

having my cake said...

Brian - I await your progress report :)

Walker - I like your thinking :)

Mr Bananas - Incorrigible! I have interrogated him and he hasnt noticed.

BG - LMAO Dual purpose lovers :)

Apollo - My knees mean that I have to stick to fast walking also.

Helga Hansen said...

LMAO at the thought of Ruf thinking of his granny while he is giving you a seeing to!! :D

Riff Dog said...

Very useful! Thanks Ruf!

Same childish snigger as Brian over "fartleks," by the way. Will we ever grow up???

Lady in red said...

so now I know that what my trainer has raught me to do is fartleks....interesting name

perhaps I should ask Romeo if he does fartleks to help his stamina

Anonymous said...

Wow, he should turn that into a book!

Catalina Ramirez said...

We'll have to try out some of your tips! :)