Saturday, 10 May 2008


When I see my lover, I shall talk to him about you. I shall tell him how much I love the idea of you touching yourself and bringing yourself to climax because of something I have written. How excited it makes me.

And I shall interrogate him as to how it makes him feel. Is the green eyed monster still controlled within him? Is he proud that the woman he fucks can elicit such a response in another man hundreds of miles away purely with her words?

I shall taunt him with you until he loses control. We will tussle and he will overpower me. Tie me down or hold me by my throat and fuck me with his fingers until I can't think of anyone else or anything else but having his cock inside me... and then he will make me beg. Plead with him to forgive me for my transgressions and penetrate me.

And, finally, he will relent. He will turn me over and take whichever hole he desires. Pound me until I am his possession once more.

He will fuck the thoughts of you out of my head.

Blogging Every Day In May



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing... that ability for him to fill your mind and your body so much that there isn't room for anyone else.

Gorilla Bananas said...

"He will fuck the thoughts of you out of my head."

Now that's both a great line and a remarkable achievement. Sex as a form of meditation is something I never considered.

Cormac Mac Art said...

Normally just gazing at your photo gives me a rise, but reading this makes me realise its time for some solo loving! Thinking of you ...

Vi said...

Hmm... I could do with some of that!

Confessor X said...

I have loved your last two posts! and they have inspired me to follow suit...thank you for your wonderful posts!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous !!

Effortlessly Average said...

Well how sweet; you described my methods perfectly. heh

having my cake said...

Marianne - He is a very powerful man :)

Mr Bananas - LOL. It's probably the only time I actually do relax ;P

Cormac - Thank you x

Vi - Hopefully, your next date will be the one :)

Confessor - You're welcome. Looking forward to see if you can rise to the challenge... of blogging every day in May

Span - Why, thank you x

EA - I aim to know my Reader as well as possible :)

Akrazael said...

It's the mindfuck before the actual fuck that is the biggest turn on. Such a hot post!!