Sunday, 15 June 2008


These guys really remind me of Ruf. At first I thought it must be the very short dark hair and stubble factor but then I realised there was more to it.

It's all about the quality of their smile. The way the tough guy image suddenly melts as the joy softens their features and makes their eyes sparkle.

I have searched the length and breadth of the internet to try to find a picture of Russell Crowe looking happy in his Gladiator outfit - without success. I'm sure he did smile at least once in the film and if anyone does know of such a picture and can send me a link, I would be very grateful.

I know there were a couple of moments in the film where he did look happy but they do not seem to have merited any attention. And, indeed, a picture of Russell with a natural smile was pretty hard to come by full stop. The majority of posed publicity shots at awards ceremonies just don't seem to light up his face in the way this shot does. It's not that he is a miserable git because I've seen him in interviews and really liked him, although he has a history which means that there is always that underlying uncertainty bubbling under the surface. The person asking the questions cannot always be quite sure which way he is going to go. I suspect that, in recent times, his natural animosity towards the media and paparazzi generally shows itself in his eyes. Hence the dearth of really natural pictures.

George, on the other hand, does a lot of smiling and is a delightful interviewee. Smart, funny, flirtatious and with a genuine interest in enjoying the experience and pleasing the crowd. But, again, the photographs just don't seem to do him justice.

However, this black and white shot really caught my attention, probably because I have a similar shot of Ruf. Its something about the way the eyes crinkle and the whiteness of the teeth against the darkness of the stubble.

For those of you who don't know, this is John Stamos who plays Dr Tony Gates in ER. He's a bit of a jack-the-lad, maverick, ladies' man who comes good when it matters. He's gorgeous to look at in full, intense mode but it's when he smiles that he has the greatest effect on this particular lady viewer.

I have several pictures of Ruf smiling but it is so difficult to capture without showing you his whole face. The disembodied mouth surrounded by stubble and completed by his dimpled chin definitely makes one think more of Fred Flintstone than a sexy tough guy. The bottom half of his face alone is just not enough to encapsulate the effect. You would have to see his eyes as well. The only clue I will give you is that they're neither blue nor brown but when he's happy, they are quite beautiful.

And when the whole kaboodle is being aimed in my direction, I become like putty in his hands.

As I was formulating this post in my head, Chris Moyles played the following tune on the radio and I have been humming it ever since.


Layne said...

Being a long-time Russell Crowe fan, I know the smile you mean. It's very real and genuine. I can't find a picture of Russ as Maximus with that smile either, although I do have one with him dressed as Maximus, alongside director Ridley Scott, with that same smile, if you want it!

Kyra (the lonely housewife) said...

I'm not much of a Russell Crowe fan. But I totally know what you mean about Clooney and Stamos. Dreamy and those smiles are devine!

Linda said...

I totally agree about John Stamos and his smile Its a sexy smirk like and so hot!!

Linda said...

I totally agree about John Stamos's smile. Its a sexy smirk like and so hot!!!

Lady in red said...

you have good taste

I used that same black and white shot of George when I did Isabella's Meme a few months was the picture that struck me the most

Helga Hansen said...

Mmmmm... I had totally forgotten about John Stamos!! I saw him way back when, when he was a lot younger, starring in a sitcom, with the Olsen twins, who played one baby.

But I must also confess to being a Clooney fan. I don't usually swoon over famous men, but boy, oh boy... George can park his Italian loafers under my bed anytime!! :D

7dlh7 said...

There's a HUGE amount of Russell Crowe pictures in which he's smiling out on the net. I'm sorry your search couldn't retrieve any. Let me give you a few links, which are actually easily found by putting "Russell Crowe" into any search engine and looking for FAN sites, not "news" sites. ;-) Naturally FANS would have the good stuff, you know?

Here's a link to my site's Gallery page:

In there you will find many links that will take you to entire films' caps as well as pix of himself SMILING "naturally" (which he does very much and a lot). These can be found in the "collection" links.

As for Maximus in his Gladiator outfit smiling, that depends on which outfit you'd like.

Here's Maximus smiling in the General's outfit:

Here he's smiling in the blue tunic:

This is my favourite smile of Maximus' ever:

This one wasn't in the movie, but it's the greatest pic:

And this is from the HBO First Look where Russell says, "Don't try this at home, kids!"

I hope that helps. :-)

[shameless self-promotion]
Please feel free to stop by Constant Crowe anytime you like for other Russell items you might need. :-D
[/shameless self-promotion]

-Darrin (yes, I AM a chick - lol)

7dlh7 said...

Oops, that last link should be:

Sorry about that! LOL


Isabella Snow said...

Stamos is on ER???? How bizarre.. that show is like MASH, when will it retire? And if Ruf looks like any of those guys.. holy jesus!

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of GORGEOUS piccies of John Stamos with The Beachboys, that I took two years ago! I also have a very interesting piccie of Russell in one of his Gladiator outfits!

Trixie said...


Three of my favourite blokes!

A smile gets me every time!

Walker said...

Nope none of them do it for me but a smile tells alot and the all show confidense when they smile

Anonymous Boxer said...

This is also good for MM.


having my cake said...

Layne - Hello. I'd love to see that pic. Can you send me a link?

K - Yup, smiles that make you melt. And give Russ a try. I fell in love with him in LA Confidential!

Linda - Hello. I fell for him the second he appeared on the screen. I think he was one of the ambualance crew to start with.

LiR - We do seem to have similar tastes :)

Helga - I hadn't heard of him before ER. I dont normally swoon but I think these three do stand out :)

7dlh7 - Darrin, Thanks for stopping by and leaving those fabulous links. Loving the one with the tiger in the background. I just typed in 'Russell Crowe smiles in gladiator outfit' and then 'Russell Crowe smiles' but I didnt get any of those. Do I have your permission to put one of those into the post?

Isa - Yup, ER is still running and still doing some interesting storylines, although it's not the behemoth it once was. As to Ruf - I dont think he's tall enough for you ;P

Anon - Would certainly love to see both of those.

Trixie - I thought Id cheer up the weekend :)

Walker - Im sure you too have a lovely smile x

AB - Mute Monday coming in a couple of hours!

nitebyrd said...

Ruf sounds delicious.

I'm right there with you on all the guys except on Clooney. I can get all warm and tingly with Russell and John but seeing George is like getting hit with ice water.

Anonymous said...

If those three remind you in any way of Ruf, then all I can say is.... YUM!

7dlh7 said...

"Do I have your permission to put one of those into the post?"

Absolutely! You (and any other bloggers out there!) are more than welcome to anything on my site. All I ask is a link for credit. ;-)