Saturday, 7 June 2008


So, I managed it.

I rose to Angie's challenge and blogged every day in May. Yes, there were a few Memes in terms of Mute Mondays, Half-Nekkid Thursdays and Rated Fridays but these would all have been part of my normal schedule and none that I felt were clutching at straws to cover a blank.

I tried to post something interesting each day and I would like to think that I maintained the high standard for which I have always aimed but without continually resorting to my natural forte of pure filth :)

I had hoped that a daily piece would use up some of the two pages of drafts that exist behind my dashboard, but my mind is a maelstrom and, as fast as I turn an idea into a post, another takes its place.

Each night I curl up in my bed and the words start tumbling into my head. Titles twisting and mingling; nouns, adjectives and verbs formulating sentences... sometimes whole posts... and then comes the morning and the frustration of getting to the keyboard and being unable to retrieve them. I had to start sleeping with a pen and paper beside me.

It would appear that the challenge just stimulated my brain into overdrive and it went through prolific and almost into meltdown.

People have asked from where I get my inspiration but so often it is just as I have described. The words come to me. Sometimes in the form of a scenario played out in my head, where I can see the protagonists or, perhaps, an emotion - a feeling of empathy as I visualise an encounter or a discovery. Many times, something someone has said - perhaps in real life or an email or in a television programme - and a story starts to evolve around the idea. Very occasionally, it will be the essence of a man who has stirred me and entered my sub-conscious via a fantasy.

June will be a month of cool down and consolidation with a post every couple of days. I shall not be subconsciously collecting bon mots from television programmes or viewing my day's experiences through the 'How can I blog this?' lens. Fortunately, Ruf will never let me out of the moment enough to think about writing up our sex as it is happening or I might start to think I had a serious blog addiction.

I enjoyed the challenge because I love to explore my emotions and attempt to write down the conclusions but most of my favourite pieces are crafted over several weeks with lots of additions and deletions.

I wouldn't want to have to produce a finished piece daily every month.


Kyra (the lonely housewife) said...

Well I for one thank you for doing it.

I enjoyed knowing there was a place I could go for a daily dose -whether on HNT, something that made my brain work or something that seemed to move other body parts - I enjoyed every day!

Tom Allen said...

I don't know how you managed to do it, Cake. As a show of solidarity, I tried blogging for just a week and I couldn't even make that.

I've enjoyed reading you, though. Some nice stuff over the last few weeks.

Brian said...

So are you finally FREE then Cake? I was worried.

having my cake said...

K - Aw, bless you. Thanks x

Tom - I hope you have more stamina in other activities! ;P

Brian - LOL, the Blogger Sweatshop. I must admit I didn't find it a chore. Just that I wasn't always satisfied that I'd devoted enough time to the piece to make me happy enough to press publish.

Helga Hansen said...

Well done to you, Ms Cake - you provided much to read, absorb and think about - I am like you, in some ways... I have blogs a-plenty all ready to be written, but sometimes they never make it to the blogosphere.

It's like reading a Private Eye a month after it has been published - the contents are not always topical to the moment!

Enjoy the June cool-down... and perhaps Ruf would model more for us? ;)

Ro said...

I have to say I was impressed by your performance last month: you managed to keep up a good quality while blogging every day. I'm not sure I could manage that!

Must've been an interesting experiment though. I almost wish I'd tried myself ... almost :)

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I was really impressed, no way could I manage to post on a daily basis! Congrats, BG x

Lady in red said...

a very good job done well. some interesting posts. I applaud you, even though I do blog most days I didnt take up the challenge and so didn't do every day.

well done you.....did Angie manage to blog every day?

having my cake said...

Helga - Behave yourself! ... but I will tell him that he has a fan club :)

Ro - LOL... I think most of your posts are a bit more high brow than mine. Well, except for the one with the hat ;P

BG - Thank you x

LiR - No, Ange failed miserably - I blame Bing for offering too many distractions. And Vi seemed to think that taking the weekend off just to have sex was acceptable. Fat Controller, Peachy both succeeded admirably but Im not sure about anyone else.

Trixie said...

I think you did a DAMN fine job!

Fat Controller said...

Congrats from this quarter too. Clearly the quality of postings didn't suffer from the drive to produce one every day. There were some real gems among them, as ever.