Monday, 30 June 2008

You're Not The Only One Book Meme

Isa tagged me to do the Book Meme. I actually did this once already a couple of months ago but, of course, I've finished the book I was reading then, since I am quite a voracious reader.

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence and post the next three sentences.
4. Tag some people.

Well, naturally, the nearest book is the one I've been reading this weekend. 'You're not the Only One'. Intimate Stories from the Internet. Compiled and edited by Sarah J Peach.

Pushing my way past a dear old, unassuming senior citizen, I exited the bus, jettisoned my can of rapidly cooling piss into a nearby litter bin and sought the nearest wall against which to finally, utterly, relieve myself. And relief is such a small word to describe the ultimate feeling of joy as finally, the spasms in my bladder gave way to an intense, euphoric, almost orgasmic feeling, my tears flowing freely now.

As luck would have it, I had alighted in Bramley.

Extract from 'Psssht' by Philip Copland

I have finally completed this book and have to say how much I enjoyed it. Not just because it is the first time I have ever seen anything that I wrote in print. But because of the quality of the stories contained therein.

I spent the weekend with Ruf and we read some of them together, after I had insisted he look at a couple of my favourites.

I really don't think I can not mention 'Joseph' by Uncle Norman. I won't tell you what it's about, only say that it was one of the most frightening and moving things that Ruf and I have ever read.

Also, honorable mentions for 'Touch has a Memory' by RonJazz, 'Laying it Bare' by Stephanie Shaw, 'Return' by Colin and 'The Girl on the Train' by DBA Lehane

The book has now raised £1000 for the War Child charity in about three weeks. It really is worth the read and, if you buy online, you will be contributing an even greater percentage of the price to the charity.


nitebyrd said...

The book is so damn amazing! "Joseph" and "Girl On The Train" are two that left me stunned. "Touch Has A Memory" by ronjazz, had me crying ... again! There are too many wonderful stories to mention but the book is incredible.

Your story is also memorable and very soul-baring.

having my cake said...

Nitebyrd, Thank you for reminding me about RonJazz's piece. I had meant to include it in my honourable mentions but had a senior moment. All rectified now :) Oh, and thank you x

The Phosgene Kid said...

clever meme!

Nicey said...

I am reading this ....

Quite moving
Stay safe


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I did this meme a while back and at the time couldn't really see the point to it but I did realise afterwards that it is quite a good way to find out about new books, as long as people say something additional about them like you did.

I read so little though - well for pleasure (other than blogs!). But short stories might be the answer I suppose - less of a commitment.

Dazza said...

Great idea to feature the book... I feel inspired to write a review myself once I've finished reading it... it's next on my list.