Sunday, 8 June 2008

You're not the Only One

The Magnificent Sarah Peach has released the details of the Bloggers' book for the War Child charity.

For more information on the contributors (including yours truly) and how to order, please click here. Come on, you know you want to x


Peach said...

lol, coooooool, thanks. I cannot BELIEVE I got your URL wrong AND you're the preview piece AGHA GHA GHA AGAHGAGHAGHAGHGAGAGAAAAAAAA

Thanks for your submission and promoting the cause and the book!

and well done for getting in the book!

Ro said...

It has to be a fascinating book - I suspect it must have been even harder than Peach said to choose the final selection.

Congratulations on making the final cut :)

Anonymous said...

mmm, looks interesting,

having my cake said...

Peach - You're welcome. Well Done to you and your team for all your efforts. I ordered my hard copy yesterday. I think it's the first time I have actually been in print :)

Ro - Thank you. Im really looking forward to reading it. Dont forget it's available to download as well as in hard copy form.

Wayne - Im sure it's going to be brilliant because it has all your favourite bloggers in it :)

nitebyrd said...

Congratulations on being part of the book!

I do plan on promoting and ordering as well.