Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Sunday Squirt

He couldn't wait to see her.

When she had said she wanted to squirt, he had turned his attentions to researching female ejaculation on the internet. Finding Jaiya on youtube was exactly what he was looking for. Blow by blow instruction on exactly how to achieve this most elusive and controversial manifestation of a woman's pleasure.

Once they had got over the initial rampant lust on the first night after her arrival, they dozed off wrapped in each other's arms. Reacquainting themselves with the intimacy of sleeping together. The pure pleasure to be had merely from two sets of contiguous naked skin on the same 4 feet 6 inches of mattress.

Waking up in the half-light of a sunlit Sunday morning filtering through the curtains, he became aware of her there and smiled. The warmth of her body pressed against his back like a limpet, the light pressure of her hand resting on his hip to remind both of them.

He turned over and, ignoring the dog breath of the previous evening's protein shake, kissed her awake as he had dreamed of doing for so many weeks. Her lips responded until the embrace became a warm, moist mess of mouths and tongues translating into a corresponding desire in each groin. Kneeling up and allowing their hands to explore stroking and caressing their way down each other's bodies until they reached their respective goals. Encircled by her soft palm he investigated the component parts of a wet pussy that was clearly very pleased to welcome him.

But this time things would be different. Naturally, he would avail himself of both the inner and outer labia, smiling as she gurgled her delight beneath his touch. Moving his attentions to her clit as it peeped slightly from underneath its protective sheath and then down to the sweetest spot just before it curves down to her vagina. The soft, silky skin and the little raised circular lump of the entrance to her urethra. Tickling and rubbing at it. Feeling the erectile tissue respond beneath his fingers. The tiny bud, like a minuscule volcanic crater, swelling as the flesh around it moistened. Hearing her little gasps as he played with this nubbly new toy.

And then sliding his fingers forwards and up into her vagina. Inserting two digits, one rubbing the G spot - that soft spongy bit just inside the entrance - and the other hitting her A spot which is about three inches further up. Instantly, he could feel the area under his palm becoming wetter. The combination of the two fingers inside her and the palm heel rubbing frantically across her clit/urethra opening making it squelch beneath his hand as the whole area became saturated and overflowed; squirting its liquid down his wrist and spraying the sheets around their knees as her body bucked in his grasp and she howled into his ear.

Waiting for the shrieks to subside, he held her panting and trembling in his arms until she whispered: 'Again...' and then repeated the process. Later, she explained that she was just ensuring that it was not a fluke like her only other squirting experience.

And it wasn't.

Not that time... or the next... or the one after that when they were lying down and it seemed a shame not to make use of such a beautifully lubricated cunt. When he pulled one of her legs over his shoulder and wrapped the other around his waist and penetrated her as she used her tulip on the area, if he could get cock pressure onto the A Spot whilst she focussed on bearing downwards as if trying to pee, there were more little internal and external liquid eruptions.

It wasn't until he tried for the sixth finger-induced squirt, kneeling on the sodden sheets, that it became apparent that dehydration was setting in and she called a halt to proceedings to take on cranberry juice.

So, to Jaiya, some heartfelt thanks.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah, I wondered when you'd get round to this! I think I should e-mail you a few clips of Miss Squirtysnatch herself.

Anonymous said...

I all of the sudden feel the need to try these tips out.

Trixie said...

YAY YOU!!!!!!

Once your body knows how to do it (well, and the person know how to do it, it will happen all the time! I can even do it with my rabbit now.

Semele said...

I just wish I could figure out what female ejaculate was! Where does it come from? Where is it stored?

I'm a biologist - I want to know!

Loving Annie said...

WOW, Cake. I'll have to remember that ! Thank you for the video link, and the step by step guide - very helpful :)

Was it more intense than a regular orgasm - or just more wet ? iT sounded more intense in your descriptions, but then maybe your lover pleasures you so thoroughly every time... Or was it the combination of the two spots ?

I want a man to try this on me !

having my cake said...

Mr Bananas - Goodness me, I cant compete with that fountain! Lucky lady :)

Laken - Enjoy and report back

Trixie - Im working on it :)

Semele - I was going to reply that it's just the body's natural lubricating cells in that area but having seen Mr Bananas' young lady, I have to say Im as baffled as you are by that eruption!

Loving Annie - LOL. Well, yes, most of my orgasms with Ruf are pretty amazing but I think being wetter makes it more intense as much as anything from the additional sensations that that engenders.

Ro said...

A fascinating report, Ms Cake. I picked up a tantric massage technique but it was rather dissimilar to that one; it was designed for multiple, body-shaking orgasms rather than female ejaculation though.

I'm told that works too ... but I must admit I'm fascinated by Ruf's technique ... time for me to study in advance of my next opportunity, I think!

Anonymous said...

Hey -- I want to know about Ro's technique, too! Share, man, share!

Yay for you and Ruf. And I'm glad I got to hear all about it. ;)

Bad Bad Girl said...

THE A SPOT?? IS THIS WHAT I'M MISSING?? Must research. Must find. Must conquer...

and yes, I came back to watch the video...

Ro said...

It's just possible, Marianne, that I may write about it on my own blog one day. A guy needs some tricks up his sleeve ;)

Anonymous said...

excellent, thanks for letting me know, x

Get8More said...

Great find - THANKS!