Saturday, 6 December 2008


Sunday lunchtime.

A small coffee bar in a trendy part of affluent North London.

Hidden at a table for two amongst the pushchairs and nappy bags of a variety of Yummy Mummys sat two women drinking coffee.

Not old.

Nor yet young.

But definitely never ordinary.

And clearly enjoying each other's company.

Their hands gesture demonstratively.

Mouths motoring on and off in the give and take of a meeting of like minds.

Did the patrons at the neighbouring table stop from time to time as a snatch of a risque anecdote drifted across the gap dividing them?

Or the exclamation of a less than ladylike expletive attract a furtive glance from the counter staff?

Maybe it was the hand gesticulation indicating that 'it was this big' which really gave the game away.

International sex bloggers? Just internet friends finding a lot of common ground whilst chewing over life's gristle.

Great fun!


ez cheese said...

Enjoy the rest

Morpheus said...

Oh yes. Done this often. Coffee, lunch, dinner ... and breakfast, even.

As you say ... great fun!


justme said...

LOL! The Yummy Mummys were probably more filthy than you two!!

Uncle Norman said...

Do sex bloggers talk about fishing then? Who'd have thought it.

Carnalis said...

chortling at 'life's gristle'

something to spit out (discretely, of course)?

Ro said...

It never ceases to amaze me what you can overhear in a coffee shop - over the years, coffee shops have provided me with plenty of blog posts :)

Kyra said...

It does sound like great fun. I wish I could have joined in!

Trixie said...

who'd ya meet who'd ya meet?!