Tuesday, 4 November 2008


She had been given a mission.

To discover if the chemistry between them was as extraordinary as they believed or just some commonplace lust that would peter out and die its own death in the unforgiving glare of the real world.

It was she who had posed the question first. The conundrum of their relationship and her confusion due to her own inexperience with men.

How could someone who had known fewer men than she had fingers on one hand truly assess the worth of her current paramour?

And when he had suggested that she should sleep with someone else but that he didn't want to know about it, she had been revolted at the thought of the betrayal.

But when he had raised it a second time and asked for her thoughts... her list of prospective future lovers who might validate the intensity of their affair...?

Her ongoing chess game was at the forefront of her mind and they had chosen the man who would provide the test together.

So, some weeks later, she took the battle to the next level and told her opponent what he wanted to hear.

Black Knight vs White Queen reversed.

The hunter became the hunted.

As he knelt before her, she had regained the upper hand in this battle of wills and she allowed him to seduce her. To dazzle her with the entire range of his expertise. And he was good, so very good. His hands, his mouth just as he had promised. Her body gave itself up to him, accepted his mastery and drowned in it as he took her again and again. Possessing her as he had always imagined it...

...except for that small ring-fenced corner of her mind which would only ever belong to someone else.

Leaving his dominance incomplete.

Each orgasm somehow not quite all-consuming.

She could not claim victory for, purely by submitting, she had given up total control of herself.

He had stolen a smidgeon of emotional commitment which would, assuredly, taint the future.

Something very precious had been irrevocably altered.


World Champ Stephen Neal said...

First comment! Check mate.

Can Bass 1 said...

My word, Joanna, things are getting a little warm, what? Personally, I don't think it is of the slightest importance how many people one has shared connubial relations with: what matters is whether one enjoy what one is doing with one's current partner. And nothing else. There!

Walker said...

Its like playing poker sometimes

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Anonymous said...

hmmmm carry on carry on