Tuesday, 25 November 2008


How does that feel?

Possessing the power to make a woman disintegrate like that?

Have her desperate and almost childlike for the fulfilment of her need.

To watch her lose control of every faculty in the face of her desire?

So that your lightest touch can ignite her.

Skin erupting in a profusion of goosebumps.

Every hair on her forearm standing on end in anticipation.

Nipples at attention in entreaty.

Cunt awash with arousal, dripping with lust.

Listen to her beg you to take her to your bed?

And melt around you when you do.

To be engulfed by her?

Really, how does that feel?


Anonymous said...

I'll bet it feels pretty damn good.

Trixie said...

Wouldn't mind being the one melting!

h said...

It feels just fine. Thanks for asking!

Pet Owner said...

It feels wonderful to be on both sides of that situation. I believe it is something we all need some of from time to time!

Kyra said...

Oooh, delightful post. I'd love to be the one melting. But I bet it feels pretty damn good to be on his side, too.

There is something so powerful about being the cause of someone else's arousal, particularly such extreme arousal.

Thanks for your 'naughty' post :)

Dark Side said...

Sounds bloody wonderful to me, found you through LiR and I have had loads of fun reading your archives..thks, all very well written..x

Fat Controller said...

I'll let you know.

Joanna Cake said...

Hi, especially newbie Rae!xx.

Ruf says 'it feels pretty fucking good actually'.

Only 60 hours to go :)

NYD said...

Please, don't ask me. I seem to have forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Since you asked..... I feels amazing. I've written a little about that aspect in my latest post (submitted before I read your post).

Effortlessly Average said...

How does that feel? I'll letcha know, if I ever experience it again. heh.

Sexie Sadie~ said...

It always feels good enough to remember. And to melt. Again.