Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Telly - The Highlights

It was a close run thing between Gavin & Stacey's Christmas Special and Wallis and Grommit's 'A Matter of Loaf and Death'.

James Cordon and Ruth Jones delivered their usual pitch-perfect script and fantastic performances as Smithy and Nessa, the main support characters to the eponymous heroes, whilst Nick Park's plasticine magic continues to utilise a whole raft of famous film scenes to illuminate the wonderful world of a man and his dog. I will have to watch it again just to be sure that I didn't miss any of the wordplays, pastiches and cinematic homages.

Both are still available on iPlayer and highly recommended - it's not absolutely necessary to have watched the two series of G&S but I think it probably works better if you do. Mind you, I suspect that sales of the boxset will be given a huge boost by those whose curiosity has been stimulated by the excellent Christmas Eve showing.

The much vaunted new Christmas episode of The Royle Family was a very disappointing third. It just didn't have the same je ne sais quoi as the last festive special with Nanna's death. There wasn't really even that much of a joke after the first 20 minutes of Denise's lack of cooking skills. The funniest line 'Christmas isn't really for kids is it?' had already been shown several times in the trailer.

As far as non-comedy is concerned, the Christmas episode of Dr Who was a blinder withe the two Doctors (David Tennant and David Morrissey) and an evil Dervla Kirwen leading her Cybermen. Excellent fun and suitable for all the family on Christmas Day.


Hu said...

I'd not seen Gavin and Stacey before (I rarely watch TV) but hubby persuaded me it would be good and he was right. The only thing I couldn't work out was Nessa's accent - wth was that supposed to be?! W&G lived up to expectations, The Royle family weren't up to form but better than anything else that was on. The kids telll me Doctor Who was good, I'll take their word for it!

Helga Hansen said...

Wallace & Gromit will be screened again this coming week... I loved each and every second of it, and it will definitely be added to my collection when the DVD is released (I have the entire W&G collection, as I was a huge fan even before arriving in this country).

I am a recent convert to G&S - and I love hearing the Welsh accents. Rob Brydon has always been a favourite, and I love the "is he/isn't he" gay innuendo re: Bryn!!

Rae!xx said...

I love Gavin and Stacey and the Doctor Who Christmas special was just as good if not better then the rest.

I agree about the Royal Family think it's completely run its course now, there are better things about.

Just as a matter of interest have you watched Not Going Out on a Friday night? I love Lee Mack he is so funny..xx

Fat Controller said...

I must admit that Gavin and Stacey has passed my by completely but I thought the new Wallace and Gromit was well up to the standard of 'The Wrong Trousers'. I loved the bit where Gromit was abput to chuck the bomb out of the window, only to find a pond of ducks in his line of fire, and then the nuns with their basket of kittens out of the other window had me helpless with laughter.

However, I don't suppose the litigious Stelios was too pleased at the 'Sleazyjet' poster

having my cake said...

Hu - LOL... I think she's supposed to be originally from Barry but has had a chequered past. Rent or buy the DVDs, well worth it :)

Helga - the 'Making Of G&S' on iPlayer is worth watching for Rob Brydon's comedy moments

Rae! - I just watched the episode of Not Going Out called 'Art' on iPlayer. Very amusing :)

FC - Give G&S a go. Billericay meets Barry. The stereotypes are very funny.

Ro said...

I loved the Dr Who special - it was well worth waiting for and only makes me regret we have to wait so long for the next little adventure.

I enjoyed Gavin & Stacey too but the Wallace and Gromit double-bill really made Christmas Day's TV for me - 14m viewers for the new episode I hear which doesn't really surprise me.

Aardman rocks!

Dazza said...

Yeah, I have to say Doctor Who was really good. Fantastic computer graphics... great fun!