Saturday, 13 December 2008


Gigi was one of my favourite films when I was a teenager. The little girl who becomes a sophisticated woman. Well, all of a sudden, this little girl has fallen in love with a very sophisticated lady toy.

My tulip clit stimulator finally ran out of buzz recently and, listening to Suzanne and Just me as, completely separately, they waxed lyrical about their Gigis, I wondered if it might provide a similar effect with the added bonus of being rechargeable.

When the lovely Rick at Vibrator Toys agreed to send me one to see if it could possibly replace my Tulip, I was extremely excited.

It arrived very promptly and, then, disaster struck.

In my pursuit of the perfect body, the new exercises in my regime managed to partially expel my second IUD, leaving me with very bruised bladder muscles and a nasty case of thrush. Neither of which is conducive to test driving and reviewing a new and very powerful vibrator.

And so, Gigi had to sit in her box and wait for a couple of weeks before I was in a fit state to enjoy her to the full.

But, oh, was it worth it. In comparison to her Lelo sisters, she's shorter with a stumpy flat end which just cries out to be placed externally against the clit or, as Ruf found out, internally against the G Spot. The curve of her design means that she can rest comfortably inside you pulsing away whilst your body is no longer in the horizontal position so you can simultaneously experience delights in other areas. Ok, ok, I'll be blunt. I had a mini vibe on my clit and was on all fours with Ruf's cock in my bottom. A three-way cocktail which had me shrieking my enthusiastic appreciation like a banshee.

However, being the conscientious reviewer that I am, I knew it wasn't enough to say that it worked brilliantly in conjunction with a penis. So I took her home to give her a solo test. The bad news was that my entire family went down with some form of manflu and were at home for five days... so Cake and Gigi had to wait again.

Anyway, this afternoon, we settled down for a few moments of casual relaxation together. Lubing myself up with a nice water-based gel, I placed the nubbly end on my clit and took her through her paces.

I think the thing I noticed most was the silence. All my previous vibrating toys have been rather noisy but Gigi emits just a delicate hum.

There are several different types of vibration. A permanent whir, a couple of pulsars and the piece de resistance a pulsar and whir together that really took me over the edge. I suppose it must be how it feels to sit on a motorcycle with the motor running. Having it purring away between your legs and then revving the throttle for different lengths of time. The final one being a deep throaty vvvvvv-vrroooooooooooooom every couple of seconds.

After a while, I put it inside me and I could have stayed there with it like that on the penultimate setting for hours, it was so incredibly pleasant and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter inside with little rivulets of liquid trickling downwards as the preliminary orgasms hit. But time was short and so I put it up to maximum and used my fingers on my clit until I came big time.

Now, I've just got to work out a way to recharge it in the bedroom socket without anyone noticing :)

If you have a wife/mistress/lover/friend for whom you need to provide a Christmas gift, then look no further than Gigi.


Gorilla Bananas said...

And to think some women have problems with having an orgasm at all! How unequal Mother Nature is in the disbursement of her favours.

NYD said...

I now have an image of my motorcycle as one huge heavy vibrator. I must invite some gals to go on a ride as soon as the snow melts.

having my cake said...

Mr Bananas, the key is to learn how to relax and not chase the orgasm. To relax into the moment. Suzanne Portnoy talks about this in one of her books after she visited a Tantric Sex therapist and it is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given.


Rae!xx said...

Thats a very good review Cake I might just have to try it..xx