Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Fear

I just love this. Available to download this week, Lilly Allen's 'The Fear' is such a clever treatise on all that is going wrong with our lives today. The fixation with cash and material possessions, beauty and body shape to the exclusion of all the terrible things that are going on in the world.

How can our poor children expect to grow into properly rounded human beings when they are being bombarded by all those subversive influences from our media.

Go here for the lyrics because I don't think you get the full effect just listening. As an aspiring poet, I am full of envy.

Her last album, Alright Still, was full of such witty ditties, a proper social commentary on the way we live today.


TROLL said...

Clever lyrics. A bit too subtle for the target audience though.

Fat Controller said...

Iloved this. I will have to get hold of the album (for Daughter, of course!)

justme said...

I love Lily Allen....but am not quite so keen on the new song. Maybe it will grow on me!

Uncle Norman said...

I like the song and as you say it catches the root cause of the current problems, although I am inclined to agree with Troll that the message will be missed by those who need it the most.

I thought you might be interested to know that in my circles there has long been a little prayer which is almost identical to the second to last verse.

I was told the it originates from the Australian SAS in Vietnam, but I dont know how true that is and to be honest who gives a fat frogs arse!

Anyway here is the version I know.

Forget about guns and the ammunition,
Cause we're killing them all on our own little mission,
Now we know we're not saints but we know were not sinners,
Everything's cool as long as we are the winners.

UN xx

Kevin Musgrove said...

I hate you for introducing me to this: I love it.

Now I can't just think of her as Keith Allen's gobby daughter. (-:

having my cake said...

Troll - perhaps you're right

FC - Listen and be proud. Ruf and I were shameless in our appreciation of her last album. (Are we allowed to call them that any more?)

Justme - I liked it the first time I heard it and over subsequent listenings it has become a favourite.

UN - Wow! It is so similar that she must have heard that and used it but you wonder where she would have come across it.

Mr Musgrove - I think she will always be that :)

You'll Never Know said...

I love this song!