Monday, 23 February 2009

Mute Monday: History

And from a less British perspective:



Ree said...

Happy Mute Monday! I love British History!

Following family trees is an interesting pastime.

Bear said...

What a great take, Cake, well done.

Happy MM.

southerngirl said...

Thanks for the perspective Cake...and LOVED Diana.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah, I just knew the old horny helmet would be making an appearance. But I'm surprised there's no Egyptian Queen.

CHEF TROLL said...

Excellent take and great pics. Not sure if I'd have been a Cavalier or a Roundhead. Good video too.

Happy Mute Monday!

Aunty Belle said...

Great theme, Cakey-Pie!! I near-bout did mine on the Highlanders--heh.

Really nice,

Happy MM!

Boxer said...

I spent a year in England as a youth and I loved the one British History class I took in school. When you're a country as old as England, you have some great things to study. Happy MM!

kmwthay said...

British history holds a personal, special place in my heart! My granddad was in the Royal Airforce during the war, and I loved looking at his old photographs.

One of his favourite things to say was - In America 100 years is a long time, and in England 100 miles is a long way!

Great perspective! Happy MM!

fishy said...

Real History! I enjoyed the archival art selections and the old back and whites...certainly you represented the historical aspects of media then vs now as well as the primary subject matter. Must of been interesting to know who was coming to call by the standard cresting the hill!