Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Brothers... and Sisters

'No, it's the older one. Always the wrong brother!'

Big Mac and Little Mac.

Even when they had lived together for the best part of a decade, he had always been aware of her attraction and closeness with his younger sibling. And now, more than thirty years on, she had proved yet again her preference.

Friends Reunited had a lot to answer for! Perhaps he shouldn't have registered as Mac McCarthy. But it had been his name first and his little brother had copied. When he had contacted her after three decades of silence, he wasn't sure what he had hoped to achieve, but it was obvious from her response that she had never expected to hear from him... because the nature of her reply was so obviously addressed to Murray. Being so much closer in age, they had always had more in common.

He was in his early twenties and she had still been at school when they originally got together. He had heard about the sisters from Murray and his friends. He vaguely knew their big brother, who had been in the year below him at school. The older girl, Shelley, was prettier and slimmer although, according to Murray, sexually very inexperienced. She had told Murray that she had a crush on Michael. So, he had gone to the party with the intention of seducing the one closer to his own age. Had almost succeeded, except that she had got out of her skull trying to keep pace with him at drinking and had been forced to retire to throw up her guts with her head down the toilet

A little while later, Tara had appeared on the stairs next to him. They had started kissing, moved on to her bedroom and that was the beginning. He could still remember her sister's face when she saw them come out of that room together. He watched her tears at their betrayal for the rest of the night. It had made him feel rather ashamed because he knew how much she liked him and he couldn't deny that he still had feelings for her. He couldn't really explain why he had done it, other than that he was pissed and Tara had been available. She was also outgoing, confident and sexy. The only problem was that she was quite chubby in that half-grown schoolgirl way.

He set about training her in ways to lose weight. Introduced her to his lifestyle and her part in it. Waiting around until he decided to pick her up after football or whatever else he was doing with his mates.

Sometimes when he went to fetch her, Shelly would be there. She was really into that Jane Fonda workout stuff. Always dressed in a low-cut leotard and tight leggings, her skin glowing with a light sheen of perspiration when she opened the door. He would have to try to look elsewhere because otherwise his lingering attraction to her would make itself obvious. And he had to stop his mind from comparing their figures.

When he introduced Tara to his mates, they took the piss a bit. Michael's 'schoolie', they called her, but, like a chameleon, she adapted herself to whoever they were with and charmed them until they all loved her. When he bought himself a house, he moved her in. She did the housework, catered for him and his friends and the sex was fabulous. He was a big boy and yet she seemed not to have too much trouble accommodating him.

Murray was not impressed. He had always had a soft spot for Tara and they had had a couple of dates together but he didn't like chubby girls so had not pursued it. Suddenly he watched his older brother turn the duckling into a swan. No matter that she used the little blue pills to help achieve and control it. They all used the little blue pills and smoked whatever came to hand. It was part of their social interaction.

But as she grew up and matured, Tara became much less easy to control. She would disagree with him. She got herself a job in the City and began taking evening classes to gain better qualifications. She didn't have so much time to devote to his needs. She made him angry. Especially when he could see her getting on so well with Murray when they went out.

Sometimes at family social events, he would look at her sister and wonder whether he had made the wrong choice. Especially when he was drunk. That was always the worst. One night at a club, he had asked her to dance to a slow tune with him. It had taken her a while to get over him but now she was involved with someone else. She seemed unperturbed by his proximity and yet he was sure that she still had a soft spot for him. She smelt so good, her arms around his neck and her body pressed against his. He whispered in her ear 'Shelly, why did you have to get drunk...?' She had paused for a moment in disbelief before shooting him a look of utter contempt and leaving him standing alone in the middle of the dance floor.

It wasn't long before the disagreements became rows. He had to restrain himself because Tara could enrage him to the point where physical violence was a distinct possibility. When she walked out and returned to her parents' house, he was so angry he put all her stuff in a black plastic sack and threw it on a bonfire.

Eventually her solicitor made him settle out of court to pay back what she had put into the house during the time that they had lived together. With that closure, he thought he could just draw a line under her and walk away.

But she was often there at the back of his mind, even a decade later when he got married and had kids. His new wife gave their daughter the name he and Tara had once picked out. She had no idea why he was so against the choice but, eventually, Mrs McCarthy had her way. He wondered what had happened to Tara but knew that it would do no good to try to find her.

And then, thirty years later, he discovered Friends Re and there she was. Happy, successful... but still preferring the company of his brother.

Fate is a strange creature.


southerngirl said...

Indeed fate is a strange somewhat unpredictable little bugger huh? This is an interesting piece Cake. There are threads of an intimate nature running though it. Thanks for sharing.

Gorilla Bananas said...

It's puzzling how people who don't really like each other end up in relationships. I blame the hormones.

CHEF TROLL said...

Interesting tale. Did you change some of the doo-dads and side-bar thingies on your blog?

Took FOREVER to load.

having my cake said...

SG - The advent of Friends Re has thrown up a lot of these little vignettes :)

Mr Bananas - Im not sure whether it's a case of them not realy liking each other or more that they fell into a relationship and thought that what they felt was enough.

Troll - Not having a problem at my end and nothing is new. I have noticed that the Map User thingy at the end is always showing 10 Users but when you go to the map it is blank so there could be a problem there. If it doesnt sort itself out by tomorrow I will dispense with it. Thanks for having patience x

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Great story! I'm still having problems with your site loading too. TBH it's never really loaded properly since it was revamped. (I've noticed the same problem on all the sites done by is it blogbunnie?) They look beautiful but are so slow to load and seem to upset firefox so much that I usually just shut them down and don't bother. Not that I know either how to fix the problem or revamp my own blog;)
Hope you're well lovely, BG x

having my cake said...

BG - Thank you x I had a problem myself last night but when I went back about two hours later, it had fixed itself. It may or may not be related as normally on IE7, it loads pretty quickly. Can anyone else tell me if they have had a problem and whether it has been on IE7 or Firefox?