Monday, 13 April 2009

Mute Monday: Tea and Cake

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Gorilla Bananas said...

How nice it is to see a reference to PG Tips without pictures of chimpanzees. Those savage little apes get too much attention.

Brian said...

Tea, one of the major pangs of angst for any ex pat Brit or Paddy. My mate brought over a ton of PG tips when he visited me. Still haven't gone through them all thank God. Why can these damn colonials put a man on the moon but can't make a decent cup of tea? ;-)

Buzz Kill said...

The Mrs is big into tea and most resently has been on a Twinings kick. She likes the English Breakfast tea.

Hapy MM!

Buzz Kill said...

Wait, I just realized there was no Jean Luc Picard Earl Grey in there. WTF?

having my cake said...

Mr Bananas - I aim to please :)

Brian - I didnt realise it was still so bad.

Buzz Kill - English Breakfast is lovely. And I didnt put Jean Luc in originally because I cant abide Earl Grey. However, I now see that this was clearly a prejudiced oversight on my part and have rectified the matter :)

CHEF TROLL said...

Lovely images. I'm drinking Carrington's Black Cherry blend right now!

Happy Mute Monday!

Boxer said...

How very English of you. :-)

Happy MM!

The Java Junkie said...

Lovely take on the theme!

Ree said...

I've been on a tea kick lately. Awake in the morning, Ginger Green mid-afternoon.

Happy mute Monday!