Sunday, 28 June 2009


'My bed smells of you. I'm trying to read but you keep interrupting.'

That text made me think about him.

Lying in his bed with the smell of my perfume emanating from a negligee that I had placed strategically beneath the pillow I had vacated only 15 hours before.

Despite my only fleeting visits, the room is still full of memories that enforce how big a part of his life I have become.

If he looks a little to his right and upwards, he can see the Queynte that Jackie Adshead painted for us, framed now and standing guard over him.

To his left, the set of drawers containing my favourite toys. The ones that survived the cull because they work for us.

Further over, the Magic Mirror into which I pause and look whenever I pass, particularly when I'm naked... which I so often am in his flat. He will smile at the memory and the knowledge of my improved body image as a result.

Diagonally opposite in the corner is the punchbag which I will attack in various states of undress.

That bed is our haven but, for him, also a continual reminder.

I am not in it.


Jimmy Bastard said...

Hmm.. I took to reading and enjoying one or two pieces after being referred to a particular post on your blog by a pal.

I cannae decide whether it's a site for the ladies only, or should I just continue to read and not comment.

Confused.. Glasgow.

Joanna Cake said...

Jimmy B, Welcome along. Id hate to think that my blog was in any way gendercentric... is that a word? I would hope that both sexes could find at least something to please, whether it be the words or the pictures. Feel free to comment in your original dialect as often as you please. I am putty in the hands of an eloquent Scotsman :)

Jimmy Bastard said...

Nae bother at all hen.

Ms Scarlett said...

I love this post.... I can always smell my man on my pillow after we've spent the afternoon together, and the smell of his skin, without the feel of it, always drives me crazy. I'm guaranteed to dream of him that night...

Jackie Adshead said...

I like the idea of my painting standing guard over him!!!! Like it very much!!! LOL And what a lovely reminder it will be for him too........