Thursday, 9 July 2009

HNT: In Search of... my Clitoris

Armed with a head torch and a hand mirror, and as resolute as an intrepid explorer on the trail of the Eighth Wonder of the World, Ruf assumed the position between my legs.

Having spent the past ten minutes studiously engaged in trimming any hair that could possibly obscure my view, I had become quite comfortable with him down there and the moistness resulting from his tender attentions was very pleasant.

I took control of the hand mirror and, angling it so as to get the best reflection, I surveyed the image before me. The neatly trimmed lines of soft brown hair framing the meeting place of the two labia majora and the glimpse of crinkled pink skin as the labia minora tried to peep out here and there.

Widening my legs to get access to the whole area revealed the entirety of the soft skin that curls inside the protective covering of the outer lips and marks the entrance to the vagina. My cunt is like a couple of 'A's stacked on top of each other and then completed by the V which marks where my perineum becomes my anus. The whole area all jumbled folds and fronds of delicate pink skin, hiding a myriad of nooks and crannies.

Above the labia minora is another upturned V of curly skin, which I always assumed was part of my clitoris and, yes, this is partially correct. But it is actually the hood that protects the wee beasty beneath. Positioning his head so that the flashlight focussed upon the area in question, Ruf placed two fingers on either side of the ridge of flesh and pushed it upwards.

"And there it is!" He reminded me of a conjurer going "Ta-dah!" at the end of a particularly successful trick and, giggling, my eyes followed his pointing finger.

Framed by the pushed-back skin of its hood was the tiniest little shiny pearl of palest pink. Glinting up at me for approval. Licking his finger, Ruf rubbed my new-found button, just to confirm his assertion. The resulting shiver that made its way to the nerves in my brain and then proceeded down my left shin, before returning to its original source seemed to qualify the statement.

Some time later, with my hair dishevelled and the marks of Ruf's passion still clearly visible upon my back and bottom, I stood on the bed and surveyed Jackie Adshead's portrait.

I couldn't help but contemplate my good fortune at finally being able to pinpoint the exact location of this sweetest of spots.


Hidden in the up-turned V above the fronds and, to be honest, still a little too sensitive from under use to be fully appreciated.

Let us hope that practice will make perfect... but I suspect that a lot of lube will be an invaluable asset.



Monik said...

Iam looking forward next time you will find it faster...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the quest continues!!
Great pic too!

Passion said...

Loved it, what a great description..
Seek and you will find..but its no use unless you show him too..woo hoo!

Lapis Ruber said...

Hunt the thimble was never this much fun :-) Happy HNT.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that the search was successful. :)


His BabyDoll said...

love the roll over shot, beautiful, simple beautiful


Gorilla Bananas said...

I hear you can buy flavoured lubes these days. Would you be insulted if Ruf rubbed some cherry lube over your lady parts before tucking in?

Barefoot Dreamer said...

sometimes the search is the fun part

Curvaceous Dee said...

Yay! That is a great discovery indeed :)

xx Dee

Ms Scarlett said...

Wonderful! Time well spent and a successful search from the sound of it!
Now enjoy!!

hoodie said...

The thought of him, head down between your thighs, with the head-mounted flashlight is simply too awesome!

Congrats... I once helped someone find hers for the first time. She still thanks me.