Tuesday, 7 July 2009

In Search of.... my Clitoris

It's confession time!

I thought I knew where it was.

Was sure I had my finger on the button, so to speak.

But it transpires that I was wrong.

Yes, I can place my tulip and other various stimulators on the general area and achieve the desired effect. But I wasn't aware that I was doing this through the clitoral hood and not actually touching the clitoris itself.

Through Ruf's experimentation with the best way to make me gush and squirt, he has spent a lot of time down there and, now that I have seen Jackie Adshead's painting of my Queynte, I am a lot more familiar with the area.

Samantha from Sex and the City advised Charlotte to use a hand mirror to examine herself and become acquainted with her own bits. Occasionally, I have done this but, the truth is, I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for. And my Cuntphobia made looking at my girlie bits something of a trial. It was like carcrash tv, through half-closed eyes. Again, seeing Jackie's paintings has made me realise how very different every woman is in that area and that my own cunt is just as beautiful as the nipped and tucked varieties belonging to any porn star.

It transpires that my clitoris is a very tiny circular bud hidden in the depths beneath a very effective protective hood. I always know when he is touching it directly, because it is a sensation that is almost unbearable. Exquisitely balanced on a very fine line between pain and pleasure.

On this particular afternoon, he had been stimulating my erogenous areas for some time and I was very aroused, but also extremely calm and relaxed. With the benefit of experience, he now always pays particular attention to my urethra and then slides back the hood to find the bud. It is a sensation quite unlike that which I recognise from finding the best spot with my stimulators when I masturbate.

Having been penetrated frequently over the previous few hours, I wasn't in such a rush to get to my favourite part. So, curious as to what he was doing to produce this familiar state of almost painful arousal, I asked him to describe his modus operandi. Carefully, he touched the urethra and explained what movements produced various different sensations. Then he moved up on to my clitoris.

The sudden realisation that my technique when I had frigged myself in the past had been sub-optimal was rather embarrassing. Sure, I've always had a nice time with my own fingers and with my toys but it became apparent that I have always left the hood in place.

Using one hand to liberate the button, his other took mine and guided my fingers onto the point in question.

The tiny round raised nub of my elusive clitoris. A body part with which only Ruf had ever managed to make contact previously.

It was a seminal moment.

And not one that I am certain I can actually recreate solo without a great deal of experimentation.

I was reminded of the Victorian explorers in search of some often talked about wonder of the world...

... and then I stopped thinking and just felt...


Cate said...

I love the last line. That is the best part.

Cate xx

Gorilla Bananas said...

Elusive little thing! It sounds as if you've got a hypersensitive one!

Monik said...

i love this article... its cool

Suzanne said...

I find touching the actual clitoris way too sensitive and it IS painful, probably because it has about a million more nerve endings than the penis. That's the point of the hood, after all. Of course, the more I get aroused, the bigger and harder it gets but it's enough for the sides to be stimulated and not the actual thing itself. That wouldn't get me off, just make me scream (and not in a good way). If you want to find out more, you should check out Betty Dodson drawing female genitalia. It's really fascinating.

Southern Sage said...

thats excellent.

more good times to cum!

phallatio said...

I push the hood back with my lips, so I can lick it gently.

southerngirl said...

What a wonderful thing to have discovered...and been discovered. Oh and I agree with Cate,great last line.

nitebyrd said...

Ruf is an absolute treasure! How amazing that he loves you so much to seek out and learn the nuances of your body.

Al Sensu said...

...and we guys always get blamed when we can't find it...

Joanna Cake said...

Cate/SG - Stolen from or at least influenced by Bruce Lee :)

MrB - It certainly feels that way

Monik - Thank you

Suzanne - Thanks for making me feel less freakish x

Sage - I sure hope so :)

Phallatio - Sounds nice

Nitebyrd - He is indeed

Al Sensu - See, Im trying to look out for you guys :P

Jackie Adshead said...

I'm so pleased to have been of help in this area, and am delighted that my artwork is educational as much as decorative! :)

And you've got a gem of a man in Ruf, who takes the time to find out how to please you because he loves you and cares so much.