Saturday, 15 August 2009

Durex Play

A few months ago, Victoria at Durex asked me if I'd like to review some of their Play range.

I have to say that, at first, I wasn't terribly enthusiastic, having purchased my own bottle of Durex Play Tingle some months before and suffered a bad irritation because it was too strong for my Menopausally-sensitive ladybits.

Having advised her of this rather unfortunate reaction, Victoria assured me that Tingle had the strongest effect of the range but that the Feel and Heat versions were much more subtle and so we agreed that she would send me a bottle of both.

In the meantime, after the ministrations of my Kegel8 Tight and Tone workout, my pussy was feeling much less fragile so I decided to retest the Tingle. Sadly, although the effect was not so dramatic as previously, where I found myself having to shower for about ten minutes to relieve the itching and irritation, the area around my clit still felt very uncomfortable for a couple of days afterwards, requiring several applications of Canesten to relieve the symptoms.

A really good thing about the Durex Play range of lubricants is that they are free from animal derived ingredients, which means that Ruf, who is a strict vegan, is quite happy to use them. So, keeping Heat at Ruf's and Feel with me, I gave them a thorough test.

Both are water-based, so can be used with all my silicon toys and are very light to the touch, not requiring very much in terms of quantity to make things nice and slippery.

Neither of us was terribly conscious of any particular increase in temperature when using the Heat version, but it worked well otherwise, lubricating both sets of genitals for mutual stimulation and also to ease penetration when my own juices were not up to it on a couple of occasions.

Whilst I was away from Ruf and flying solo with my toys, Feel definitely helped me to do quite happily what it said on the bottle. It was soft and gentle with no unpleasant after-effects, so I would certainly recommend it.

Another point in its favour is its accessibility, as it is readily available in both Tesco and Sainsburys so, if you're not brazen enough to watch it move along the conveyor and be scanned by the spotty teenager earning his beer money for the next semester at Uni, you can just slip it under your sausages and use the self-check-out facility.

And, no, they weren't deliberate double entendres ;P


Kevin Musgrove said...

The really smug will be waiting for the BOGOF offer!

Ashi Ahuja said...

Durex Play O has finally been launched in India...the women there were particularly unfortunate at having a product like this. Thankfully there is Durex Play O now. If you are on Facebook, you would love to become a fan on Or go read about the product on