Thursday, 13 August 2009

HNT: Joanna Cake takes a bath

I haven't had a proper bath in years.

At Ruf's the hot water comes through so slowly that the bubble count just doesn't ever quite reach adequate so, whilst ok for cleaning purposes, even with candles it still doesn't reach the optimum relaxation point.

At the house, the bathroom is always full of other people's clutter and mess and the process would, inevitably, be interrupted, so I never had the enthusiasm to bother. I would take a shower instead.

In my new flat, the bath is small and the shower attachment needs replacing but the water pressure produces wonderful bubbles. However, it is clean and tidy and the candles - vanilla tealights and a big cranberry monster, if you're wondering - combined with the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere made the occasion of my first bath a truly wonderful thing.

And, even better, Ruf to sit on the toilet and chat with me, before enveloping me in a soft, fluffy white towel, drying me off and leading me down the hall to christen my bed.



BenefitScroungingScum said...

You look so happy! I'm delighted the flat is working out so well, BG x x

southerngirl said...

Speaking my language sister. Both you and the bath look yummy.

Here's to brighter days ahead than the ones left behind!


Tom Allen said...

A rubber duck would have completed this image :-)

Osbasso said...

Oh, that looks lovely! Hope you get to spend alot of time in there!

Heff said...

Hey ! How you do that jpg trick thingy ?!?

mrwriteon said...

Nothing better than a bath. WEll yes, some things are better, but you know what I mean. Actually, we have a Jacuzzi tub that will accommodate 2, so those other some things are also possible therein.

nitebyrd said...

You seem to be enjoying yourself. Isn't that wonderful!?!

Fat Controller said...

Showers have their uses, but sometimes only a proper bath will do.

Hubman said...

Baths are more of a winter (or at least, cooler time of year...) thing for me. Not that you don't look good in yours :-)

Happy HNT!

the eternal list said...

you look so lovely there covered in bubbles

belated happies

i love your unique take on the whole clicky function!

Ben said...

Lovewly attitude. Wash away the old to get ready for the new.

I do a great back was :)

Sexie Sadie~ said...

That looks like a great bathtub! Can I join in?