Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Emotional Bliss

When the lovely Nina from Emotional Bliss wrote to me offering me the chance to try out one of their new vibrators which were designed with the menopausal woman in mind, I was intrigued. I read somewhere that us ladies of a certain age require additional stimulation because of the vagaries of our hormonally messed-up bodies. However, I didn't really want an industrial-strength vibrator because I'm always worried about burning out my sensitive nerve endings down there.

According to the blurb on the press release and their site, the new Femblossom Heat is the Femblossom with a surprise, it heats up! The single click function enables the Femblossom to gradually heat up to coincide with the speed and frequency of the programme selected creating an additional pleasurable (and warm) experience.

Not only does it heat up but it also has a unique antibacterial agent which means a few minutes after use and after wiping with water, it becomes sterile and ready to use again.

The first time I used it, I was with Ruf. It was very pleasant, but the handset is quite large so it did rather get in the way when he was trying to simultaneously penetrate me vaginally (next time, we will have to try anal) and having it on my vulva for a long period left it a bit irritated because of the heat generated.

However, I felt it was sufficiently interesting to give it a go when flying solo. A few days after Ruf's visit to my flat, I woke on a windy Autumnal Saturday morning sufficiently relaxed to feel the need for a little self pleasure.

I lubed it up and started switching through the programmes. There are nine different vibrating frequencies 'ranging from Tantalizing to Intense' and very pleasant they are too! Continuous; Buzz, Buzz, Buzz; and V-V-Voom, each with three different levels of speed/intensity.

I started with the gentle continuous buzz. The heat was equally as gentle. Just warming up my nether regions nicely until I was ready to move onto medium continuous. The controls are on the back of the head just an up button and a back button so it is easier to work your way through the settings and come back to the one before if you preferred it. The temperature rises progressively in conjunction with the intensity of the vibrations.

The pulsator was very enjoyable, especially long long looooooong, although it is quite noisy at the higher, faster settings and I was a little concerned about the occupants of the flat in the bedroom below. The full on continuous buzz is not quite as powerful as the Tulip so you build up to the orgasm gradually, rather than coming in less than a minute, which is good if you just want to be aroused gently. However, if you've just spent the weekend shagging and your nerves are not so sensitive, it can be a bit frustrating.

The unusual design of the cobra shaped head means that it caresses the natural contours of the body, so the heat encompasses the whole of the vulva, but the pointed end is also good for focussing on specific areas inside the labia. I really enjoyed using it to get inside and stimulate the side of the clit hood, the left side is a particularly effective and sensitive spot for me.

I have an image that remains with me of the previous weekend's activity when Ruf fucked me from behind over a chest of drawers in my bedroom in front of two mirrors. In my mind's eye, I can still see the magnificent reflection of the ripples of his six pack grinding against the soft white curve of my bottom as he penetrated me and this was what I visualised as I came.

With the body of the device warming the top and outer lips of my labia, I pressed the tip of the cobra's nose against the left side of my clit hood. I felt all my pelvic floor muscles instinctively engaging and drawing in, sucking upwards and applying maximum pressure on that sweet spot inside me so that it was sandwiched between the vibrating depression of the Femblossom and the tightness of my own internal muscles. As the orgasm hit, I could feel the tingling warmth spreading from my feet and up the back of my calves. It was very pleasant indeed... and just as good the second time some minutes later when I changed it from continuous vibration to voom...voom... vooooooom.

An hour later, I went back to my messy toy and just wiped it over with a wet cloth, rather than the whole ritual of getting out the cleaning spray and ensuring that all surface areas have been covered. Far less effort, which makes me a fan of the built-in antibacterial.

So, in summary: The Femblossom was great for clitoral stimulation. The gentle warming of your bits is really lovely, although can get a bit uncomfortable after a while because, for me, it became too hot after use for a long period. The pulsator is good, especially voom voom voooooooooom. Full on continuous is not as powerful as the Tulip, but was sufficient to give me a very pleasant orgasm. The design is great for external arousal of the whole area, but also to get inside and stimulate side of clit hood. Used with a partner, I was desperate for penetration and its size obscures the vagina too much. Next time we will try with anal. Quite noisy when tested against the Lelo range but compares favourably with all my other vibrators.

The advertising blurb says that Emotional Bliss Intimate Massagers are designed to stimulate orgasms and it certainly worked for me.


Gorilla Bananas said...

So the buzzing doesn't put Ruf off? Some men might feel as if they're swatting a mosquito with their cock.

Suzanne Portnoy said...

I found the noise unbearable and the buzz far too, well, buzzy. And the toys look like they are made for older women who don't like sex. They are just not sexy at all. Horrible, medical colours. Glad it worked for you though. I'm sticking with the Lelo range and my Pocket Rocket for now.

Joanna Cake said...

Mr B - Ruf just wants me to have a good time :)

Suzanne - Did you have the Femblossom or the Womalia? The quietness of the Lelo kind of spoils it for everyone else doesnt it :) I did enjoy the heating element tho and I dont think the Lelo range has that facility.

Joan Price said...

I just discovered your blog. I liked this thoughtful, lively review -- and I laughed at the sound effects you conveyed in words very well!

I'm happy to find a sex-toy blogger who reviews from the menopausal perspective. I'm 65 and review from the senior/elder perspective.

I look forward to reading more.

Joan Price

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