Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I Love You

I finally got around to catching up on the back issues of Saturday's The Times and the week of 17 October was a very rich vein of blog content.

This column certainly deserves some additional exposure:

Hannah Betts's Things you only know if you're single

that “I love you” may mean: I want to love you; I love this; do that again; don’t leave; I feel I should love you; I love ****ing you; my previous boyfriend/girlfriend would never have done that; I’m sorry; I appear to like you more than all the others; shush; do what I want; you are infuriating; this silence embarrasses me; I have to go; I feel old; I feel responsible; I feel obliged to love you back; help me; I’m ending this; life without you may be preferable, but would be terrifying, rudderless, unknown; everyone else seems to love you; I love the look of you; stop shouting; I’m punching above my weight; I would appear to be in some way addicted to you; seeing you with someone else makes my chest hurt; there must be a reason why I have never felt more awful; I think about you as a way of not thinking about something else; I hate you; that song is playing; you cause me more pain than other people; I’m tired of being on my own; it’s comfortable having you around; I am sick of everyone else coming in two by two; you fit the definition of someone I might be expected to love; you appear to love me; I’m exhausted so this will suffice; loving someone makes me look like a functional human being; you make things easier while not yet having become an albatross about my neck; I’m tired of myself; Christmas/Chanukkah/Kwanzaa is coming up; I love myself in your company; you pay me the requisite attention; I relish our sense of conspiracy; you are a(nother) glorious and necessary distraction from my inglorious and unnecessary existence; you unnerve me; you raise my game; say that you love me.

How many ways can you love someone... or not love someone...?

It's when Ruf says that he is 'in love with me' that I really melt.


southerngirl said...

Like a bad stream of consciousness that was....but I dunno some of us not-so-single can churn on those things as well!

Joanna Cake said...

SG - That's exactly what I thought. I could empathise with a lot there.

Jackie Adshead said...

I can empathise with a lot here too! What a list!!

mrwriteon said...

In love with is the keeper. I love you is dead easy and often means many things and motivations, as you suggest.