Friday, 4 December 2009

Cuntercise: the Kegel8 Update

I think the question we all need to ask ourselves as women is: Do I want to give and receive better orgasms?

If the answer is 'yes', then we need to actually start putting in place an exercise regime that will help us to achieve this goal.

We need to focus on cuntercising!

I'm ashamed to say that, over the summer and autumn I didn't use my Kegel 8 as regularly as I had previously.

The stresses and strains of leaving my family and moving into a new home meant that I just didn't have the motivation.

I still saw Ruf regularly and the sex seemed to be as good as ever, although I did find that I was getting cystitis again on a regular basis after our visits and maybe the orgasms were not as intense as they once were - but I just put that down to my Menopausal state which just seems to make everything less sensitive and less toned.

Then, when I was sorting through the drawer under my bed, I found the Kegel8 again and was reminded of how beneficial it was in helping my muscles to be in tip-top shape to prevent those irritating bladder inflammations that occur as a result of over-enthusiastic sexual activity.

Ruf was due to visit me for a long weekend so, for the week before his arrival, I started to use the Kegel8 Tight & Tone every day on Programme 2. This incorporates 20 minutes of vibrating exercises specifically designed to deal with 'urge', the irritation that makes you desire to pee when you don't really need to.

When Ruf arrived, it had been three weeks since we were last together and I remembered that previous weekend well. He had ejaculated only twice in the 48 hours that we were together. I know that he often does this deliberately; holds on in order to ensure that I get more orgasms by which time the moment, for him, has passed. We're both getting older now and I don't expect him to come ten times in a weekend, especially when we're having pretty much two whole days enjoying each other in bed at least once every month. Sometimes it worries me though. That he might be losing some of his own pleasure in order to exaggerate mine.

This visit, however, was nothing like the last one.

He came three times in the space of 24 hours.

He said 'it' felt different. My cunt that is. The whole length of it felt tighter and more toned, it gripped him and held him in place so that he was aware of it all along his cock. But, more than that: he said that he could feel my internal muscles contracting more strongly during each orgasm and that just made it impossible for him to hold back.

Each day I would spend 20 minutes working my pelvic floor with the Kegel8 whilst we took a breather watching a film - Liam Neeson in Kinsey was just amazing and so educational - or just lying together cuddling and listening to the radio.

The major side effect of this was that I didn't suffer from the usual desensitisation that seems to develop as a result of a marathon session of pleasure. I was able to come with just his tongue, his fingers or his penis and, if we wanted to play with toys we could... but we didn't have to.

And, as an additional bonus, after fucking each other to exhaustion for nearly four days, I didn't get cystitis.

I love my Kegel8.

So, as I said at the start of this piece: Do you want to give and receive better orgasms?

If the answer truly is 'yes', then you need to ask for one of these devices for Christmas. It may not be the most obvious thing for a partner to select but, if you guide them in the right direction, it is a decision that neither of you will regret.

Trust me x

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Tempo said...

A long time ago I went out with a woman for a while..we separated and got back together a few years later. At this time she was working as a woman's dance exercise instructor doing several group lessons a day. Sex was altogether different and Oh so hot! (for both of us) I hugely recommend these pelvic floor exercises, they make a huge difference in the sensations for both partners.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Have you tried the old trick with a ping-pong ball, Joanna? I suspect your muscles could eject it quite powerfully.

Joanna Cake said...

Tempo - It's just getting better and better, especially now that Ruf has found some male exercises. More on this in a post over the next couple of weeks :)

MrB - A ping-pong ball? Oh, MrB, Id like to think that Im a bit too upmarket for that sort of party trick. And anyway, Im more concerned with keeping things in that expelling them forcefully :P

Style Seduction said...

Ok im doing my exercises right now!

Loving Annie said...

I need to do this - and do it consistently !!! Thanks for reminding me. I've been lazy, and it scares me to think I have no vaginal muscle tone after going without sex for so long.
The SQUEEZE factor matters!

Happy New Year and New Decade to you :)