Friday, 18 December 2009

Let there be love

Was it just coincidence that this song was playing on the radio?

Whatever, it made the perfect backdrop to the conclusion of a session of lovemaking where we both put into practice what we had been learning through our pelvic floor researches.

For me, it's been thinking about lengthening my spine; pushing my coccyx downwards so as to engage the mulabandha (core muscles), combined with consistent use of my Kegel 8, which has made the whole vaginal canal so much tighter.

For Ruf, it's been research on engaging his core muscles and also his pubococcygeus (love muscle) to thrust at the best angles and delay ejaculation until the optimum moment.

But, more than that, it's been about the connection that is growing between us, the desire to give and receive the best orgasms and the knowledge that someone else cares enough to seek out ways to improve what was already a pretty spectacular communion.

Kneeling on the bed, we kissed each other into a state of excitement as various items of clothing were lost. He explored my most hidden parts with his fingers, comparing and contrasting with the previous evening where I had been so tired that his activity had borne very little fruit.

This time the pressure of his fingers on the clitoral hood gently aroused the mercurial nub that lurks beneath and then, the introduction of one finger inside and onto the rough spongy texture that comprises my gspot completed the job in a liquid shower that presaged the imminence of what was to come.

Pushing me back so that my knees were tucked under me with my hands and arms supporting the weight of my body, he pressed the head of his cock repeatedly up and down the length of my vulva.

The shape of the cockhead fitting neatly into the slot provided, until I was mentally begging him to penetrate me. Opening my knees wider and wider to try to encourage him inside, he ignored the pressure and continued at his own pace.

His eventual tiny incursion drew gasps of anticipatory pleasure before he withdrew slightly and then repeated the process. Each time pushing just a little bit further inside me until I was awash with the joy of him. And then pumping slowly in and out, each thrust taking me higher and higher as the cries erupted from me in ever increasing volume.

After getting on for 15 minutes of concerted effort, which had taken us through Muse's 'Undisclosed Desires', Aerosmith's 'Dude Looks Like a Lady', Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades' (with Ruf gripping the back of my neck with his interlocked fingers and pounding into me, his movements synchronized to the beat), followed by a truly amazing orgasm to EMF's 'Unbelievable'.

Whilst my wrists, elbows and shoulders were shrieking as loudly as my own voice, Ruf still seemed totally unruffled by his efforts.

I had to lie fully back to take the pressure off my screaming arm sockets and we adopted a slightly more usual position with me lying on my back but with my knees wide apart. Intuitively, I just knew that I had to get my pelvis as flat as possible to accommodate his thrusts at the correct angle and, once I had achieved the optimum position, it was just glorious.

And then there was just the slightly plaintive whining of Liam Gallagher accompanying Ruf's whispered assertions of his devotion and my own triumphant shouts as each wonderful wave spread through my entire body.

Not just from the most marvellous multiple orgasm but because I knew that I was truly loved.


Polar said...

Yes, You Are Very TRULY LOVED!!!

Wonderful Change from a couple of years ago!

And Thanks Ruf... For Loving Our Friend So WELL!!!!

Jackie Adshead said...

Well that sounds like the true meaning of "making love" to me!!!!

Fat Controller said...

That sounds pretty spectacular! I must say I have never tried it to 'Ace of Spades', though this Oasis number has a dreamlike quality to it that I could imagine fitted the mood.

I LOVE starting out kneeling. It's my absolute favourite! (Puts me in mind of an old joke about a bishop and a prostitute, but we'll let that one go!).

phallatio said...

A great soundtrack for a great bout of lovemaking! It almost reads like choreographed ballet!