Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bedtime Stories

Last night, Ruf and I watched The Reader, the film that won Kate Winslet her Oscar recently. It's such a strange tale, but so beautifully acted by all the protagonists.

And it got me to thinking.

I know that I love it when Ruf reads me my bedtime story over the telephone when we're apart.

To be able to just lie there, in the darkness, listening to the sound of his voice, the words filtering into my brain and allowing my imagination to run riot.

So I wondered if any of my Readers would be interested in having me read them a bedtime story from my vast back catalogue of erotica... or even one of my rants.

If this is for you, click on Bedtime Stories here or in the side bar to find out more.

And, if enough ladies are interested, I might even be able to persuade Ruf to become involved...

Or rent the Reader from LoveFilm

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