Friday, 29 January 2010

HNT: Mystical

I suspect that many of you will remember my test drive of the MyPleasure Fairy Mini Wand at the end of last year. It became, very definitely, my favourite toy of the year.

However, the problem with it was that it was not available in the UK. I spoke to LoveHoney, but there were problems with making the plug suitable for the UK's electrical current. 'But,' they said, 'We do have something similar that you might like to try'.

So, last week, I came home to find my first ever parcel sitting outside the door of my flat. I brought it in and it remained, unopened, hidden down the side of the bed, in case I had a visitor, until Sunday morning when, after the stresses and strains of a very busy week and a succession of late nights, I found myself in the mood for some gentle relaxation.

It was the Vibratex Mystic Wand.

Made by the people who first introduced us to the 'Rabbit Pearl', which was the vibe originally featured on Sex And The City, a design which was then adopted by the rest of the industry, this is a company recognised for the quality of its craftsmanship.

It's about 8" long and just under 2" in diameter, with a smooth silicone head and no latex, phthalates or jelly materials. According to the blurb, the powerful vibrating massage head delivers extra sensation with six speeds but promises to be extra quiet at every setting.

On reading the instructions, it said that it was showerproof, so I thought I'd test that out - especially as I've never masturbated with a proper toy in the shower before. I always wanted to try with my toothbrush but I just didn't think I could explain the fact that I was brushing my teeth simultaneously.

Anyway, back to the job in hand, so to speak. I set the camera up on auto-timer and checked that, sitting on top of the cistern, it would get the cubicle in the frame and then I set the water running. Switching the device on, I flicked quickly through all six programmes and very pleasant it was too. Allowing it to settle at a gentle, steady buzz that started my juices flowing, before I revved it up to a higher setting. That's when I nipped out and depressed the button for the auto-timer before jumping back in and settling myself just in time for the flash.

It was then that I discovered the va-va-voom series of pulses. Oh, my word, now those are fabulous. It wasn't long before I could feel the shivers making their way up my body from my nether regions to my brain.

It was at that point that I should really have stepped out again to take another photograph, so you could have seen me rising up on to tip toe, bending my knees and leaning forward to get the maximum effect. The flexible head allowed me to gain the optimum placement to appreciate the finer points of this wonderfully portable toy.

I smiled as I remembered the last time that I had assumed that position, bent over my chest of drawers in front of the mirror with Ruf pushing himself into me. Four long weeks ago... the reflection showing his muscles as his lower abdomen hit the soft whiter than white cheeks of my bottom. Reminding myself of that particular image was more than enough to do the trick.

Obviously, I would have left the cubicle and set the camera to take that picture but I'm afraid, dear Reader, that I put my more pressing need above your own and I stayed put as the climax hit and I felt the cares of the previous week washing away down my thighs on their way to the plughole.

Is it as good as the Fairy Mini Wand?

Well, it only has four batteries as opposed to the Wand's six-pack.

The flexible silicone head (don't forget to use non-silicone-based lube with this one) is somewhat bigger than its competitor's and it doesn't have the two attachments that make the Wand such a wonderful package.

But, it is showerproof and very very portable, neither of which advantages are shared by the Wand.

I think it's something that I will be keeping in the bathroom, ready for Ruf's visit next weekend.

And then I will let you know :)

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