Saturday 27 September 2008


I sent the link of Jackie's Queynts to Ruf and asked him to select which one was me.

When his reply come back - 'It's Number *, but if not then Number &', I was surprised because I was pretty sure it was Number &.

So, when Jackie told me, I was actually Number *, as Ruf had stated, I was rather gobsmacked.

To be fair, he did take the original image, but it was a year ago and he was really pleased to be right because he said there was a fair amount of artistic licence involved. However, he worked on the shape of the inner labia which narrowed it down. I think the very fact that he was able to guess correctly shows that the artist's interpretation had not strayed too far from the truth and the essence of the original model is still there.

And, no, I'm not going to tell you which one is me. I think the anonymity aspect is a huge part of its appeal. No one's going to be saying 'that pussy type gets better/more sex' or making any other assumptions. The idea is to appreciate the beauty and the variety of the female vulva.

From a personal point of view, this has been a very empowering project in which to be involved. The thing is that, even with photographic evidence, I just don't really know what I look like down there. Certainly not like I would recognise the back of my hand... *Cue Eric Morcambe-type jump of shock as catches sight of hand*

Comparing Ruf's picture side by side with Jackie's acrylic version is very interesting. I can remember him taking the snap after a particularly vigorous weekend of pleasure and I clearly recall all the teasing and posing, opening and closing to present the various folds and creases in the best possible light. When he showed me the final shot, I was reminded of a flower. A rather swollen and bruised bloom, but a flower nonetheless. Seeing that part of me through the artistic impression of a third party has made me so much more aware of the various constituent parts. Things which I might not have liked before seem less noticeable and others more obvious. To have one's most secret places dissected by a completely unbiased outsider is most peculiar and yet so enlightening.

With some readers expressing a preference for one or two of the pictures over others, I'm curious as to what constitutes the perfect cunt - the so-called Designer Vagina. Should the lips be totally closed with all the goodies hidden away inside? Even when the legs are open? Does the size of the clitoris make a difference to the general appeal of the area? How much of a role does pubic hair play in the appreciation of the bigger picture? And are the requirements different depending on whether you are male or female?

I've watched several programmes recently about ladybits - The Sex Education Show; The Designer Vagina where women were having bits of their inner labia trimmed off because they (and, more importantly, others) considered them ugly; and another The Day I Will Never Forget with the horrendous sight of young girls being circumcised and sewn up because their religion considers the clitoris to be dirty - and it has really made me start to come to terms with my own phobia.

Ruf says I have a very neat and pretty pussy. That, and the fact that he can't wait to get his face in there, has been very therapeutic :)

I shall be looking at my queynte pic on a regular basis to remind myself that this is me. I adore my little inner lady too. That is such a fabulous trademark for Jackie's work and so absolutely right for this project.


Gorilla Bananas said...

The perfect pussy looks like the Great Rift Valley from outer space. The clitoris should be like Lake Tanganyika.

Anonymous said...

The perfect pussy is any I am withing inches of.
I suspect some folks have preferences and they certainly do about the hair style but I think most are beautiful, but that could be biased because I know how damn good they have always been to me....

Constance said...

It is a wonderful thing Jackie is doing, making such a pretty gift out of femininity. Being passionately loved and devoured there by one's adored mate feels heavenly, and is so good for the self-confidence !

Dangerous Lilly said...

People have become so it perhaps because of the porn industry?

I frequently feel mine is "not up to par", because it is one that the "inner goodies are hidden away, even with legs spread", and I feel it is not....well, open enough. I envy the women with more prominent clits, for I assume they must orgasm easier. I wouldn't know, I've never conducted a study, lol.

Ben said...

Cake, isn't the perfect pussy one which gives the owner great satisfaction from bodily functions as well as sexual fulfillment and pleasure? Cheers!

Jackie Adshead said...

I think these Queynte paintings have been very empowering for the women involved - and also an interesting journey for me as the artist actually painting them! I'm delighted that you consider the process to be enlightening. I consider it many things both on an art and trust level.

As for the *most appealing one* that was amusingly commented on on my blog, I think that may have been partly the shapes involved and partly the colours - indeed, the "whole package" - and that is how I perceive most men feel about vaginas - not that one is a lot prettier than another, but that it's just part of the woman they're with, and they're more than happy to be there!! :)

Its all about femininity and confidence, and that is why I've put the trademark woman within each picture to remind us what its all about!

And I'm delighted to say that I have already been contacted by other women who also want to participate in this most feminine celebration of womanhood. And I hope to get many more.

Joanna Cake said...

Mr Bananas, Im still trying to find a link that shows that view...

Sage - What a very refreshing attitude :)

Annie - Absolutely

Lilly - Definitely the porn industry has a huge impact on public perception and our own self image. My clit is very hidden too. That's why I love my wand clit stimulator.

Ben - Im not quite sure what to say to that. I have to admit when it all goes wrong and cystitis or thrush come into play, it's a real pain in the arse :)

Jackie - Thanks for those explanations and I look forward to seeing the additions to the gallery :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being late to the party.

Nice post Ms. Cake! After thinking about the questions you asked, I had to come to the conclusions that no, a pussy does not need to look any way in particular for me to be interested in it. I find it odd, because I certainly have opinions about breasts or butt or even noses, but as far as clits and labias go, I am much more interested in what they convey (assuming we're still talking about pictures here... it's clear that having a live pussy right under my nose is a totally different experience).

What they convey... through the color of the skin (pink, red, brown, black), or whether it is swollen or not (suggesting sex has or will occur), or whether it is glistening or not (the appeal of the wetness, calling the olfactory memory), etc...


Anonymous said...

You know, what you wrote reminded me that there was a time when I thought my pussy must be very ugly. My first childbirth was difficult and physically traumatic... I always assumed I must look scarred and torn up. My husband's apparent revulsion unfortunately reinforced that belief.

Since then, I've been told over and over that it's beautiful, and desirable. I believe that now, and I believe that all the different 'looks' are equally attractive and pleasure-giving.

Jackie's project is awesome.

Trixie said...

The favourites of Jackie's paintings has nothing to do with the actual pussy, I think it's more of the colours and design that makes people like one different from the other.

Jackie is on at me to send her a photo in, but I haven't got anyone to take it for me, lol.