Sunday, 6 April 2008

An Unnecessary Journey

The weather forecasters were advising travellers not to go out unless it was strictly necessary because of the predicted storms. It had been raining on and off for days and there were flood warnings everywhere. Even the military had been called in to assist with building up the rivers' defence networks and help with evacuating at-risk civilians.

She did wonder whether her journey could in fact be categorised in that way... unnecessary. But, to her, it was crucial. Quite definitely an emergency!

She had been without sex for weeks and her Husband had telephoned to say that he had been given two days leave. Not enough to get him home to her but 48 hours off at least. She knew that she had to drive up to see him, no matter what. So, despite the repeated radio and tv warnings to the contrary, she just got into her car and put her foot down. There were several hundred miles between her and what she needed and he only had 48 hours to satisfy it.

When she left home, the weather was fine. There was even some sunshine, although she did note the amazing cloud formation of the mackerel sky above her head. She knew it presaged a change in the conditions but she didn't care. She needed a man's body and that was all there was to it. Her aching pussy left her with no other choice.

At first, the drive was easy enough. The roads were clear and the miles just flew by, but, after a few hundred miles, the skies started darkening and it wasn't just the coming of dusk. It was then that the red tail lights started to build up in front of her and to avoid them, she turned off the motorway onto one of the lesser used routes.

After driving a few more miles, she saw the hazard indicators of an emergency vehicle up ahead. It had stopped across the road just after another sliproad, the emergency light on its roof flashing the warning with 'diversion' signs indicating that she should take that exit.

Standing in the middle of the road was a man. He was wearing a khaki uniform with a matching peaked and badged cap, there were medal ribbons on his left breast and, for some reason, he was wearing sunglasses... even though it was getting dark and the first drops of the coming storm were starting to fall.

As she pulled to a halt, he strode towards her car. Reluctantly, she wound down the window and looked up at him.


'Ma'am, the road ahead is closed due to a landslide. There are flood warnings for all the local rivers and the forecasters have indicated that this storm is about to deposit a large quantity of precipitation which will make the surrounding roads also unsafe. We are advising people to return home or to take refuge at the motel off the next junction and continue their journey tomorrow in daylight if it is deemed safe.'

She heard herself explaining to the man at her window the exact reason why she had to go on. Why her journey was 'fucking imperative'. Her husband's sudden availability after so long apart and her frustration at suddenly finding herself with no prospect of getting to him before his leave was up. Seeing that he was another military man, she thought he might understand.

He listened, looking at her appraisingly, taking in her agitation and distress and then he repeated his earlier instruction.

'Sorry ma'am but you're not going anywhere further than the hotel off the next exit.'

She pounded on the steering wheel in irritation but it only made him smile. She couldn't see his eyes through the damned sunglasses. She couldn't tell what he was thinking, there was only her own irate face reflected back at her.

Staring down at her lap, she became aware once more of the naked need within her. She had been waiting for so long. The thought of cock inside her had controlled her every move for the last week. Ever since, he had called to give her the date and now it appeared that she wouldn't be getting any this time and who knew how long it would be before he got leave again.

She became aware of him watching her, a smile at the corner of his mouth. 'Are you done,' he asked, 'acting like a spoiled little princess?'

She rolled her eyes disdainfully in his direction and sighed. 'Not really. But I guess I don't seem to have a lot of choice do I, Officer...' She stopped mid-sentence to check the badge on his jacket pocket but he seemed to have no name tag.

'Ma'am, I'd suggest you watch your tone. I understand you're frustrated, but it's been a long day.' His jaw was set and she noticed his hand resting on his billy club, the handle sticking out. She couldn't help the shiver that ran through her as he did that.

Behind the protection of his sunglasses, he watched her eyes pause on the club...and he knew. Knew exactly the picture that had just come into her head.

The rain poured down harder, drenching him, but he seemed impervious. She felt the sheets of the storm come in through her window, soaking her as well and making her even angrier.

'You have choices, Ma'am.'

'Oh, really. And what would they be...?' She was acutely aware of the wetness of her shirt starting to stick to her body and even more conscious that his gaze seemed to have fixed itself on a particularly prominent nipple.

The fingers of his left hand drummed the handle of the club. His eyes were watching the nipple, seeing it stiffen against the white blouse. He'd already begun imagining what he'd do to it shortly. He could hear her moans as he twisted it, bit into it.

She shivered again and pulled her jacket closed, covering it up and he felt a familiar anger begin to wash over him. She was looking straight ahead and his right hand shot out quickly, forefinger and thumb braced against her jaw. He gripped it firmly, possessively, and turned her face towards him.

'One, look at me when I talk to you. Two, you can either sit here and wait for your fuel to run out, or if you follow me, I will lead you to the hotel off the next exit.'

Trying, unsuccessfully, to shake herself free - as much to regain some control of her brain as to remove the rough hand gripping her face that was interfering with her ability to think clearly - she muttered under her breath, 'Despite what you may think about British women, I can probably manage to find it for myself, you know.'

Quickly recovering her composure, despite the restricting pressure of his grip, she announced: 'I have a navigation device. There is no need to trouble yourself, Officer. Just give me the address and it will take me there. I'm sure there are lots more needy travellers following along behind me who will be happy to avail themselves of your gallant offer of escort. It's just a bit of rain and, after all, these 4x4s are built for all extremes of weather.'

He was momentarily taken aback. He considered very briefly that he may have been wrong, that perhaps the circumstances had caused him to believe she was something she wasn't. His mouth was already watering, his cock raging, hard and straight under his belt. He could feel the tip throbbing. Her insolence made him want to open the car door and force himself on her.

But the doubt prevented him. All in a span of two seconds he made up his mind. He'd try once more.

His hand went from her chin quickly down her chest and inside her jacket. His palm caressing and then clamping onto her breast. He squeezed it hard and felt his cock surge as that nipple stiffened against his hand. He gripped the quivering bud, applying ever more pressure and said slowly, menacingly: 'I'm taking that exit. Follow me or don't. I have a feeling you will.' He turned to walk back to his car. As he did she heard him mutter, 'Fucking English bitch!'

Stunned at his arrogance. Mesmerised by his temerity. Shocked by his demeanour. Her immediate reaction was to swing the car round and go back the way she had come. And yet... there was something about him. His very arrogance called out to her. The way he had just dismissed her. She'd fucking show him! Bastard.

Engaging Drive, she slammed her foot onto the accelerator, the wheels spun and she chased after the red tail lights disappearing into the distance. Without stopping for a moment to think about the consequences.

He didn't even look in the rear view mirror. He'd felt her body shudder when he had her nipple between his fingers and knew that, in a matter of minutes, he'd be taking complete control of her. He glanced to his right and saw the cuffs. He tucked them into his belt.

He pulled into the motel. A dark, dirty, cheap fuck-shack of a place. He heard the gravel crunch behind him and knew it was the Land Rover. He strode to the entrance of his room and used his key. He left the door open and stood behind it.

As she raced into the car park, she saw him disappear into one of the rooms on the far side. She screeched to a halt next to the khaki Jeep and flung open her door. Hesitating for a moment because of the driving rain, she reached into the back, but the umbrella was not in its usual place. Determined to give him a piece of her mind, she jumped out of the car and almost ran across the car park to where the door stood open, the entry vaguely lit by a dim bulb above it announcing the number 17.

Standing on the threshold, she had a moment's uncertainty. Some of her instincts were screaming the warnings they were processing - the dark aging hotel, the paint peeling from the window frames, the fact that not all the bulbs above the doors were working. But her mind was no longer in control. Something else was propelling her onwards into who knew what. Drenched from the rain, her clothes sticking to her slender figure, her hair sodden, she stepped gingerly into the darkness.

The moment she crossed the threshold he was on her, spinning her roughly around. He slammed the door shut and shoved her hard against it, her cheek pressed against the rough wood. His right hand grasped her wrists above her head and held them there. His knee spread her legs and his mouth was on her ear. Breathing heavily, but speaking slowly and clearly. 'You knew what you wanted the minute I walked up to your car. Your cunt was dripping the second I got there.' She fought him, struggling against his weight, and his fingers clamped her wrists. 'Oh fuck yes,' he said. 'Fucking resist bitch. All that means is I'll have to frisk you.'

He shoved his left hand under her rain-sodden skirt. He laughed as she whimpered at the touch of his palm on her thigh and ripped her sopping thong at its seams before thrusting three fingers into her. He moved them around roughly, opening them, spreading them wider, enjoying her body's liquid encouragement in direct opposition to the shocked gasps coming from her mouth. Another finger and he was in her ear again. 'Do I need to check elsewhere?'

He brought her right hand down, behind her back, lifting the wrist, hurting her. Pulling his hand out of her pussy, he grabbed her hair and guided her toward the bathroom. The lights were off and she couldn't see.

But she could hear the cuffs jangling and she felt her clit stiffen. She was moments away from another orgasm. She hoped she'd hidden the first from him. It had occurred the second she'd felt his fingers inside her.

Enunciating the words as carefully as she could, she tried to regain control... of herself and the situation. 'What the fuck do you think you're doing? What do you want?'

'I think it's more a question of what you want, Ma'am,' and he imprisoned her wrists in the steel.

Holding her arm, she could feel him moving his other hand about, wrestling with something on his uniform. Her mind flashed back to the conversation in the car and she knew what was coming.

He spat suddenly, pushed her face roughly against the cold tiles and then her suspicions were confirmed as something hard inched its way inside her.

The billy club.

With her hands restrained, there was nothing she could do. Her eyes fought back the tears of mortification at this demeaning assault. His mouth was at her ear whispering obscenities as he thrust the stick in and out of her and, of course, her desperate, cock-starved cunt betrayed her. It didn't seem to be aware of any shame, of the ignominy of the intrusion, only satisfaction at the intensity of the penetration. Excitement at the feel of a man's arms around her, his hard body pressed against her, his lips and tongue making free with her neck and her earlobe.

Her mind could focus on nothing but the passage of that blunt object and the chain reaction its presence had detonated. There was only one possible ending and they were both intent on achieving that object.

Her orgasm ripped through her and squirted out over the hand holding the implement and down his wrist.

He held her then, the weight of his body pressing her against the wall, until the tremors subsided.

She giggled softly.

'You know, most husbands would just have waited in the bar...'


G. I. Poo said...

Aw, that story is so Sweet! I thought it was dirty at first but that's a great little twist at the very end. Cute.

Ro said...

Absolutely LOVE the twist in the tale :)

Lady in red said...

I kept thinking its her husband but then when she didn't seem to recognise him or his voice I changed my mind. I am glad it was though.

Helga Hansen said...

Mmmm... what a lovely story... and I adored the twist at the end!!

Stratocast said...

Oh my! I like this a lot! Very clever!

Anonymous said...

Nice little twist! :) Hotsa.

And you have been tagged!

Anonymous said...

You know, I got to the end and thought that I should have seen it coming... but I didn't. Nice. Hot.

having my cake said...

Poo - Not sure that cute is quite what I was looking for :)

Ro - Thank you. It was fun writing it.

LiR - If only more husbands were as imaginative...

Helga/Strat - Thank you.

Isa - I shall endeavour to comply.

Marianne - Ta muchly. One doesnt always want to be predictable :)

Gypsy said...

Marianne took the words right out of my mouth. I think I was so looking towards the inevitable that I got swept along without even thinking. Well done Cake.

Akrazael said...

So hot! I so love a good story, especially like this.

Diana said...

Oh My! and Wow! Who wants "most husbands" anyway?

having my cake said...

Gypsy/Akrazael - Thank you.

Diana - Hello, Welcome and too right! There should be more unpredictability about spouses.

SexyBooks said...

I loved the story. Very hot. And the ending was cute.

having my cake said...

Sexy Books - Hello and thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I saw it coming, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a great story, which it was. Very sexy :)

Transylvanian Miss said...

I do have to say I think this is my favorite piece from everything you've written so far. It's excellently executed and the story line is fab and very HOT! lol. *fans self* :)