Thursday, 27 September 2007

I'll be out in 2 mins, I'm just brushing my teeth...

Sugasm #99

I am indebted to The Man with Secrets for emailing me with details of the Tingle Tip. He had read my posts about my secret love affair with my Oral B and my subsequent fears that overuse might be damaging the sensitivity of a particularly fragile part of me.

When I went to the Tingle Tip website, I discovered that LoveHoney were also suppliers of this rather interesting toy. I have been an occasional tester and reviewer for them, both here and on their site but my latex allergy causes a few problem in terms of limiting the number of items that I can try out. So, it was with great excitement that I received a positive response to my request to be the first to review the Tingle Tip.

At first glance, it looks just like a normal Oral B toothbrush attachment, although obviously without the bristles, just a flat pink plastic disc instead. It comes with a dear little soft carrybag.

Whilst Ruf is normally very excited by the appearance of my toothbrush, he didn't seem terribly interested in this at first because it looks so benign. It was only when I switched it on and placed it on his balls that he realised the full intensity of the experience.

Lying in bed, attending to his favourite appendage with my hands and tongue, I decided to use the time to pleasure myself simultaneously. So I lubed us both up with some Tracey Cox Tingle Lube and went to work. One hand and my mouth for him and the other hand holding the toothbrush for me.

The first sensation as it switched on was electric, making me jump. The most important thing about the Tingle Tip is that, because of its size, it has the most amazing directional control. It can access parts of you that the larger wand stimulators just cannot get to, so you can focus on any particularly sensitive and responsive areas and really find the spot at that moment. The combination of this and the toothbrush motor which is far more powerful than a standard clitoral vibrator and you have a blissful, if rather noisy, playmate.

Within seconds, it was taking me to places that normally take a fair amount of effort on Ruf's part to attain. He was getting harder and harder at my obvious arousal. As one orgasm after another ripped through me, my face and chest were flushing, my mouth was a big O of wonder and the muscles around my hole were fluttering. Opening and closing from the intense stimulation, crying out mutely in their desperation to enclose something hot and hard. He was almost coming from the efforts of my palm but I needed him in me... not my hand.

I wanted so much for him to penetrate me, to add to the most exquisite sensation I was experiencing but my mouth was no longer working properly. It took huge concentration to reconnect my mind's focus from my groin to my mouth. The words came out one at a time with great gaps and gasps in between, begging him so plaintively, he couldn't fail but respond.

Unselfishly drawing back from his own climax, he put on the obligatory condom, pushed me onto my hands and knees and entered me from behind. One centimetre at a time, he slid oh so slowly into me and then retreated out again. His withdrawal just as protracted and lingering as his entry. It is so hard to describe to you the power of the orgasms that were hitting me as he was doing this, over and over in tandem with the intense vibration on my clit. Wave after wave of explosive energy. You may need to ask his neighbours about the decibels I was reaching as I screamed with abandon.

Ruf started to increase the rhythm, pumping in and out of me harder and harder as I chased the shooting stars that were flying through my brain and my body dribbled its pleasure from every orifice until, finally, I could take no more. It was too much in my current weakened state. My hands, arms and legs were shaking so uncontrollably from the onslaught that I could barely support my own weight, let alone his as well. I began to worry that I might damage myself since I was still in the recovery part of the ordeal I had undergone less than three weeks before. I had to switch it off and promptly collapsed into a heap on the sodden pillows.

After a few moments to catch my breath, regain my composure and reassure myself that my body wasn't about to spontaneously combust from the inside out, I realised how incredibly selfish I had just been.

I leaned over and attached myself, hand and mouth to my beautiful man's rigid cock and did what was necessary to reward him for being the selfless diamond that he is x

Would I recommend it?

Oh yes, it was another screamer :)

And the beauty of it is that it works for the solitary female wanker as well as couples. With liberal applications of lube, the plastic disc was far less harsh, friction-wise, than the brush head on my delicate areas so I will be able to increase my own personal usage.

For busy mums who barely have a moment to themselves, it will be a godsend. After a couple of practice sessions getting to know the most receptive places, a solo clitoral orgasm of extremely satisfying proportions can be achieved in a matter of seconds, providing the ultimate release from the rigours of giving childcare and the boredom of housework. And if you find yourself with a little more time to be leisurely, the insertion of a couple of fingers into either orifice can provide the most delightful completion of the experience.

All under the cover of: 'I'll be out in two minutes, Im just brushing my teeth'.


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...


That sounds like my kind of toy!

Do they give you the toy free to do the review?

Gypsy said...

The simplest things are often the best. Definitely sounds like its worth a test run. Buuuzzzz.....

Fat Controller said...

OMG!!! Why didn't anybody think of this before? As Leonardo da Vinci said: "In simplicity lies true genius".

I must rush out and buy one for 'er indoors'. Don't think I'll tell her what its for, though. I'll let her work that out for herself. lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh.... my .... god!

I want one. Now.

Sulpicia said...

'I'll be out in two minutes, Im just brushing my teeth'.

But why are you screaming, mom?

I'm getting old -- My gums are sore.


Sounds like a must-have!!

n said...

FAB! I really want one. Love the bit about busy mums finding it a godsend....i always get the urge at about 2.45pm which, with this would leave me just the right amount of time to get to the school gates! (and with a big smile on my face!)

Curvaceous Dee said...

What a great review! Plus, that last line made me snort my tea out my nose ...

xx Dee

George said...

Sounds like a lot of fun sweetie ... brushing your teeth LOL

Loving Annie said...

Sounds like just what I need, Cake ! Normally things like 'the rabbit' just aren't nearly intense enough for me -- and the tingle tip sounds like it is ! I'm going to order one... Mhmmmmmm, can't wait !

And Ruf's lovemaking from behind sounds delicious - a centimeter at a time.... Moans just thinking of what this is like... or will be, when Mark and I get to that point !

Loving Annie

having my cake said...

Vi - you need to join the Orgasm Army and register there to be a tester and they will put you on the list.

gypsy/fc - it's amazing isnt it. So simple and yet...

Fille/Sulpicia - you do and you must!

n - once you get the hang of it, it really can be that quick.

LMAO @ Dee

George - the simplest pleasures :)

Annie - Rabbits and I didnt get on. I just didnt like the ears. This is much more controllable. I shall pass on your comments to Ruf :)

bittersweet me said...

ooooooh, what fun!

LMAO at busy mums .. yes, we like our quick pleasures.

i am so very tempted, except i really need a variable speed control on my toothbrush. My bullet has a dial control for a change of tempo, and i so enjoy the gentle ease-up in speed ...

Anonymous Boxer said...

Two minutes? I'm impressed. And thank you again all the hard work you do researching "toys" for us.

Much appreciated.

RAFFI said...

you should consider being the international spokesperson for this magical device. actually, my natural manhood has such capabilities and maybe you could add that in your sales pitch and forward my info to those interested

RONJAZZ said...

And guess what? I want to order one and have it handy for my own favorite. Thanks, Cake!

Now, my dear...Look to this coming Monday. You are up in the Harem!

Anonymous Boxer said...
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DJ Kirkby said...

Tempting though shame about the noise of the motor but why oh why didnt he come inside you? Why did he need you to manualy and oraly bring him off? Have I misssed an explanatory post?

having my cake said...

Me - there always has to be one awkward cuss :)

AB - I am completely selfless in the pursuit of your pleasure

Ron - Im so excited x

DJK - It was less than three weeks since the termination, I was scared I was going to break, it was all so powerful. He would have come but I stopped him. That's why it was so selfish. Next time... :)

Anonymous said...

Cake do you worry about desensitizing your clit? The Sagittarius asked me about vibes the other day and I have to say.. not really wanting to risk going a bit numb there.. ??

I know, people say that doesn't really happen. But the few times I've used one, it seemed to.

Can't say it was encouraging!

having my cake said...

Isabella, I was very worried when I was using the toothbrush head direct on my clit a lot. But I was using it A LOT and for long periods of time and without lube. I read some research that seemed to be saying it could cause damage because the vibrations were so strong and the bristles so rough.

The Tingle Tip is not rough at all and, used with lube, Im much more comfortable with it and far happier about its safety.

I think with any clit stimulator, if you use it A LOT for a prolonged session it will cause supersensitivity followed by a certain loss of sensation afterwards but that tends to dissipate after a while.

Certainly, I can still get my jollies with it again later.

Whether it then is so sensitive to a finger tip finish, Im not so sure. I will have to give the Tingle Tip another test run to answer these questions over the next week or so. It's a tough assignment but I suppose someone has to do it :)

having my cake said...

In the middle part of that reply, the clit stimulator that I was referring to was the tulip.

Amy said...

Gah. You should be on one of those shopping channels. I am ready to run out and buy one of those babies for everyone I know. Or at least for me : )

Flossbitch said...

Oh sweet Jesus!! Thank you! I am a Dental Hygiene student and the two things I love most in this world are my electric toothbrush and my vibrator. What perfect harmony!! I can't wait to get one.