Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Look

Sugasm #138 Editor's Choice

Tracing his fingers over her nose, across her eyelids and around her mouth. Over, across and around; over, across and around.

He watches the exhaustion followed by a myriad of destructive emotions write themselves across her face and chases them away.

Bringing her body expertly from stress to repose until there is only peace and tranquility.

He allows her psyche to become still and drink in the pure aroma of his presence.

Permits her baser instincts to tip the scales in favour of rejuvenation.

Feels the shiver transmit itself from her mind to her body and smiles as her features take on a different expression.

Her eyes open and register his face.

The pupils dilate and the set of her jaw goes from submission to determination.

From calm relaxation to wanton desire.

It is 'the look'.

She wants him with every cell in her body.

And what man can resist that siren call.


Anonymous said...

What man can resist? Surely not Ruf. ;)

Lone Siren said...

It's all in the eyes.

Gorilla Bananas said...

She was exhausted to begin with? His fingertips must be better than an adrenalin injection.

Ro said...

Ahhhh ... "mem-ories are made of this" :)

Wow, that was awkward said...

So this blog isn't about cake? I was looking for a finger full of icing.

Akrazael said...

What a relaxing, melt-into-the-sensuous-zone post this is! Certainly made me feel all warm...

Fat Controller said...

"Bringing her body expertly from stress to repose until there is only peace and tranquility".Beautifully put... and just what I can't seem to achieve at the moment!

Dazza said...

I agree the eyes have it... Dxxx

The Troll said...

I usually get a different look! Thanks for submitting a great entry in the Troll Report Salad Contest. A winner has been declared.

having my cake said...

Isa - You can be sure he did not hold back :)

Lone Siren - Hello. Yup. I think they said it all.

Mr Bananas - What can I say? Ruf the Superhero

Ro - I know :)

Wow - Hello. Sorry. There are fingers but not normally involving icing.

Akrazael - Aw, thank you x

FC - I think you need to be calm and relaxed yourself in order to transmit it x

Dazza - Is that a cue for a song?

Troll - Surely not!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't resist!!

Walker said...

Let your fingers do the walking and the eyes all the talking

Riff Dog said...

I certainly can't resist that look! It's what I live for!

MissHoney said...

How poetically naughty.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Ruf can resist nothing when it comes to you.

And yes... the eyes have it.

Anonymous said...

Love your site. great style.

Will said...

~~looking good!

I love your writing.