Saturday, 21 June 2008


I have been tagged by the Fat Controller. I'm not sure where it came from originally or I would, of course, give them credit too.

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning of the post.

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves in their post.

3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

4. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing ten years ago?

Summer 1998. Well, like FC said, I'd have been glued to the World Cup and in a weekend's time I would have watched both my teams - England and Italy go out of the final eight on penalties. I would probably have been wearing leggings and a big tshirt, sitting in a sea of lego and other plastic toys wondering if there shouldn't be more to life than this. Inevitably, I would have gone to bed early and pretended to be fast asleep when my Husband came upstairs. And then I expect there is every chance that I would have drifted off to sleep whilst
dreaming of making love with some handsome television or sports personality. I believe my favourite diversions at the time were the gorgeous Italian Paolo Maldini (my crush for the previous eight years) and the very rough but extremely passionate Chilean Ivan Zamorano. I can remember as clearly as if it were yesterday seeing him sing his country's National Anthem. The fervour and patriotic pride he infused into that rendition was truly unforgettable. The idea of having such a man take me into his bed opened up a pandora's box of possibilities that such a vanilla housewife should never have envisioned.

2. What are five things on my list to do today?

Undoubtedly using the washing machine. I have teenagers so clothes are invariably placed in the laundry basket whether dirty or not as it avoids having to put them away. Laundry, of course, leads to ironing.

I will try to get out in the garden and pull up a few weeds so I can get some fresh air.

I have to do a set of Pilates exercises every day which takes about an hour.

Naturally, I shall gravitate at some point to the bathroom and use my toothbrush. There is nothing more invigorating on a dull day than a five minute sojourn in my haven.

Five minutes you ask? Well, yes. Sometimes less. What turns me on? Well, in a totally narcissistic way for which I shall not beg your indulgence, I like to think about a man wanting me. Desperate to have me. Feasting his eyes on my naked arousal and telling me how much he desires me. That feeling, combined with the soft bristles of a vibrating disc on my clit can take me over the edge within a few moments. The hot tingling tide surging up my body from the button to my mind, the world goes black and I am falling downwards until the cold tiles of the wall on my back bring me back to reality again. Definitely never five minutes wasted because it improves my mood no end.

3. Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?

If money were no object, I suspect I would buy another house/flat close to my current one as a bolthole. I would pay off the mortgages of all those closest to me. Naturally, I would like to feed all the starving millions and bring about World Peace, but Im not sure whether a billion would be enough to reach those who are truly in need when so often the funds have to go through the hands of people who want to take their cut. Perhaps I would start a charity closer to home for disadvantaged teenagers.

4. Three of my bad habits?

I am an attention ho.
I am an attention ho.
I am an attention ho.

5. Five places I have lived?

I have only lived in five places. I was born in my first house. Moved to what I regarded as our family home when I was five. A few months after we got to the third house, my mum left and I became a home-maker at the age of 17, along with my studies and a part-time job. After a couple of years, I moved out into the flat that my Husband and I bought together and from there to my current home.

6. Five jobs I’ve had?

As a housewife and mother, the list is endless! With regard to paid employment, mainly secretarial stuff. If I told you about the job I get a salary for now, I would have to kill you :)

7. How did you name your blog?

Pretty self explanatory really. I had tried many times to improve the state of my marriage but without success. Faced with the choice of following in my mother's footsteps and deserting my children, I came to the decision that I didn't want to change the quality of their life or, in effect and quite selfishly, my own. The phrase just came into my head of its own accord and, having found the man who was prepared to help me achieve that, when I sat there pondering what to call my blog, it seemed obvious.

I need to tag 5-6 other bloggers.

I really hate it when so many have to be chosen. It means that whatever blog you turn to will be repeating the same meme so I will tag only two: Marianne and Justme


Helga Hansen said...

I like memes like this... it's a delightful insight into your life - thanks for sharing! :)

Akrazael said...

I agree with Helga, I'm a sucker for memes. They give insight into the writer in ways that often times the nature of the blog forgoes. Nice to 'see' a bit more into your background!

Ro said...

This meme I like - it actually tells us something about the author.

Fascinating stuff :)

Walker said...

I like when other people do memes and not me HA HA HA
Only five things to do hmmmmm I bet you held back another 20 lol

having my cake said...

Helga/Akrazael/Ro - And I thought I gave you everything in my blog :)

Walker - Yup I think there were quite a lot of hugely exciting things that had to be left out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks (?) for the tag, honey. I have done it... and my answers are just so incredibly less interesting than yours. And you really do have a much better memory than I do.

And now that I see Helga, Akrazael and Ro like this kind of meme, I really wish I'd tagged them. :) Oh well... I'm sure you'll get hit.

nitebyrd said...

I also like meme's that actually give insight to the author's life. Very interesting, Cake.

Will said...

~~I did the laundry today too!

I just love these memes!

(oops, gotta run! There goes the Dryer!)


Mr. Nighttime said...

"Pretty self explanatory really. I had tried many times to improve the state of my marriage but without success."

Sadly, my own marriage is struggling with its own issues, and while this third attempt at counseling has been the most helpful, I am not sure it will be enough...Thankfully, we have no kids, as that would make a bad situation worse.

Kyra said...

I definitely enjoyed your answers.

I need to follow your lead and make 5 minutes of that kind of 'me' time a day.