Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Where No One Can Hear You Scream...


After showering me, he led me into the bedroom and removed the towel. He was laughing because there, on the bed where I had placed them earlier, was the tape and some toys. All our regular ones had been left at his place but these are two that I keep in my travel bag - just in case. A mini wand clit stimulator and a slim vibrator. I'm pretty sure both of them came as freebies or special offers when I've bought stuff from LoveHoney. But the piece de resistance was the tape.

We'd wanted to try some 'proper' bondage for a while. Normally we improvise and use cotton belts but these have a tendency to be uncomfortably tight or to come undone so they are not totally reliable. A friend had waxed lyrical about the joys of bondage tape but, on checking, the stuff he had recommended contained latex. In fact, everywhere I tried, all the brands seemed to have it... until now. LoveHoney stock this as 'lightweight bondage ribbon' and list it as latex-free so I thought we should give it a go.

It seemed a bit too clinical to go straight from the loved-up passion in the shower to the mindset needed for bondage so we started by playing with the toys... well I did, whilst Ruf looked on. Freed from the restriction of worrying about alerting the other houseguests to our activities, I was in my element. Effusive in expressing my enjoyment.

It never normally takes long before he wants to join in and we indulged ourselves with a little doggy, accompanied by a side serving of clit vibration. This, on top of the remnants of arousal from the shower episode, continued the process of stimulation. We have discovered that my orgasms are like tides where, with each ebb and flow, the height of the next exceeds the last... culminating in the massive spring flood. My excited squeals were signalling the first rumblings of a seismic shift that would rock me at the denouement.

As we lay there, snuggling for a moment of refraction, I just drank him in. I love being in this position, tucked under his arm with my head on his shoulder and my hand stroking his chin and his chest - my Sanctuary. It has the most calming effect on me.

It makes me realise how lucky I am to have found him. Tess did a post about gspots recently and said that she would far rather have a man who could find her soul. But what I have found with Ruf is a someone who can do both. A man who makes me feel so beautiful and special that I walk around like the Ready Brek kid with a glowing external aura.

Lying there, thinking about how relaxed I feel with him, about how turned on I was earlier in the shower, I just felt this huge surge of emotion rising up inside me and overwhelming me.

And then he started to whisper. Telling me about what was going to happen next. How he was going to use the bondage tape to restrain me and have his way with me. Reminding me how totally helpless I was going to be... Completely at his mercy and unable to stop him. Ruf at his most dominant.

Lifting myself onto my elbow, he could see the uncontrollable desire in my eyes and our lips met as our bodies intertwined. Two lusts joining and overlapping and consuming us as he pushed me back and grabbed hold of my wrists. Yanking at the tape, he secured my forearms together, just below the elbow and then did the same with my wrists.

At first I thought it wasn't going to work. The tape was like a ribbon, soft and fragile. But I was so wrong. As soon as it was wound around so that two pieces touched each other, it adhered and stuck firm to itself... but not to my skin. I tried to pull my arms apart but I was, as he had predicted, powerless to protect myself. He sat between my legs and lifted one onto his shoulder, resting the ankle there as he dragged my arms up and secured my wrists to the lower part of my leg. Trussed like a chicken and, revelling in my impotence, he took full advantage.

Applying his fingers to my clit, as I bucked and wriggled beneath his attentions, before pressing home his advantage in no uncertain terms as the pressure recommenced its ascent inside me.

Taking me to a point where I was begging for my tulip.

'Can you hold it?' he queried as he placed the stem between my restrained but supplicant palms and watched me bend my leg to apply the buzzing bulb to the specific part. He laughed as the orgasm hit almost immediately. Waiting for the onset of the next, he pulled me towards him and rested my foot on his chest, lifting my pelvis off the bed so that my weight was on my shoulders and upper back. My other leg naturally hooked itself around his hip to give him just the right angle to slide himself in at the optimum moment and start to pump. This is one of my favourite positions for a really strong climax, especially when I've already had several... and it didn't fail me on this occasion.

With no one within earshot to hear my noisy exclamations, I could just let rip and scream as the tension accumulated and compounded to a crescendo of explosive release, leaving me gasping and shaking. And, this being Ruf, he wasn't happy to just finish it there so he continued his rhythmic hip jerks in and out as the tulip continued to wreak havoc with the nerves leading from my groin to my brain, agitating and impatient, pushing out a second and then a third shrieking eruption.

As soon as my brain showed any semblance of regaining its natural equilibrium, he pushed me over onto my fastened knee, insisting that I maintain the pressure of the tulip, despite my pleas that I couldn't turn. He manhandled my body into the position he had envisaged, with one knee up and the other leg long before penetrating me again and riding another wave of shrill approval.

There was no time for my mental state to recover itself before he made use of the final toy. The small vibrating dildo was inserted. First into the sodden gash of my cunt and pressing back against the opposing force of the tulip. Squeezing my gspot in some devilish sandwich of delight until he received his squelchy and vociferous reward.

I didn't even have to tell him where I wanted it next, although he made me plead for it just the same as he teased at the little round rosebud. And then it was inside, the sensory pleasure pushing the pressure higher and higher, until I thought my head would burst open, despite the screams venting the energy from my mouth.

Before long, he was unable to resist the urge to be inside me too. The muscles there had tightened to such a degree that he could hardly make any inward progress. So slipping in and out at the entrance, enjoying the stereo vibrations from the two little helpers on either side, he waited for the moment of release when the screams reached their zenith and subsided; when my rigid musculature relaxed sufficiently for him to push forward and take me back up to the summit again. My body clenching around him, effectively pinning him inside me before forcibly ejecting him and blocking his attempts to regain entry.

Wave upon cataclysmic wave building to a tsunami as my fingers gripped the bedding convulsively, knuckles white with the restrained energy fighting to extricate itself as I yelled and shrieked to liberate the pent-up storm whirling around my body.

And then there was silence.

This amazing sense of complete calm. Total relaxation after discharging all the furious tension that had built up inside me. I don't know how much time passed before I watched him as he gently released me from the tape bindings and noted that there had been no form of reaction against my skin. I lay completely still and emotionless as he tidied up the bed, focussing only on the activity that occurred immediately within my field of vision.

I remember that he asked several times if I was alright but I was incapable of responding. I'm not really sure that I knew the answer.

Everything was in slow motion and accompanied by a soft buzzing in my ears. Like watching a scene through a lens smeared with vaseline, all sort of smudged around the edges. There were half-formed sentences in my mind that my mouth could not begin to utter without the connection. Nothing seemed to matter. Catatonic. Drugged by the excesses of our passion.

Someone later likened it to a mini-stroke but I'm glad I didn't think that then. I just let it have me - totally numb, yet engulfed in this curiously warm glow of satisfaction. As I drifted off, I was aware of him wrapping himself around me and pulling me close. Tucking the quilt in beneath me. Safe and warm, he held me tightly as I slept, exhausted by our endeavours.


nitebyrd said...

Be still my heart! THAT is one awesome post, Cake. You lucky girl!

bittersweet me said...

oh yes, i *get* tape too.

That initial moment .. as he whispers what he is going to do ... i could feel myself sinking again.

Fat Controller said...

That sequel was just wonderful - well worth waiting for! I bought a couple of reels of tape some while back but have never got round to using them. Now I think I just might.

Oh, and talking to H about what I am intending to do to her always gets her juices flooding!

Phil said...


George said...

Heart rate = way too high
Cock = very very hard
Breathing = very rapid

Felt like I was there with you.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I find myself in a state of sympathetic exhaustion.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Exhausting and great, which is about the best combination you can find.

Dazza said...

Top stuff as always.


Gypsy said...

You lucky, lucky girl.

The Fury said...

That's the kind of stroke every woman wants, i'm sure. hot writing. having sex with a multi-orgasmic screamer is great!!