Monday, 4 February 2008


I smile at everyone.

Ruf laughs at me when I recount stories of my various flirtations and interactions with males of all ages. He says: 'You'll accept compliments from anyone'. And he's right, I love being made much of, being the recipient of a returned smile or a suggestive comment. In my job, it is a big asset. People of all ages respond in a good way and it makes the time pass so much more pleasantly.

A little old pensioner came up to me a few days ago. I see him every day. He's very dapper, wears a trilby and raincoat and always doffs his cap as he approaches, whilst thanking me for looking after the wrinkly pensioners.

So this time he sidles up and says 'I thought of you on Friday night'

'Oh yes?' says I.

'Yes,' he says. 'I was opening a bottle of champagne'

I start to get confused. 'Champagne?'

'Yes,' he continues. 'I had nothing on...'

He stops and takes a deep breath as my mind starts to turn somersaults wondering if that's the end of the sentence.

'...the television and I had a bottle in the fridge from New Year so I thought Id treat myself. As I opened it, I thought of you...'

And with that, he wandered off, leaving me completely nonplussed and open mouthed.

He must be 65 if he's a day! And from his handlebar moustaches I could have sworn he was gay.

Still, any attention is good attention.... isnt it...?


2 Dollar Productions said...

Yes it is as I think any compliment is worth keeping and enjoying.

The best part of that story was the fact that he never finished his champagne tale to you. I guess you get to make up the ending.

Will said...

I almost want to write something suggestive, flirtatious, as a comment.

~~Instead, I'm going to go pop open a bottle of Champagne, and toast the undying wisdom of the elderly.

~~Yes. Sometimes, the heart hears well, and speaks for us all.



nitebyrd said...

I think that was very good attention.

Freddy said...

I was expecting the old chestnut to appear
" I dreamt of you last night"
"did you?"
"No you wouldn't let me!"

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Though I wouldn't want him complimenting me I don't suspect.
Compliments beat the hell out of criticism for sure.

Ro said...

I think almost everyone likes a little attention, likes to feel a little special, likes to know that someone's eye (or mind!) has been caught.

Though I'm straight, a number of times I've had guys flirting with me (one even pinched my rear as I walked past). Male friends have almost uniformly reacted in horror. Not me: it's a compliment that they want to flirt with me.

Hmm ... maybe I'm just a bit of a slut.

Ms Hansen said...

Oh, I love flirting and in my last job, I had to tread carefully, as it was a very PC environment!!

Now I work in the leisure industry, and see loads of cute (and usually younger ~sigh~ ) men, and yes... I even flirt with a few of them!! I thrive on the banter, and I'm happy to confess it boosts my ego at the same time!

Vi said...

I definitely agree with that! I get it all the time in the pub, young and old. The old ones are harmless, they can't catch you when you run the other way!

Blazngfyre said...

The day I stop flirting is the day they bury me.
Although, I think even then I'll find a way to flirt! lol

It's food for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Attention is good. Right now I am trying not to play into my ex's plan that I might need attention and he's ready to provide it. I feel you.

Angela-la-la said...

How lovely! And how nice that he thinks of you as a champagne woman.

"I thought of you as I opened a tin of pale ale" doesn't have quite the same effect!

Thanks for the text - couldn't reply cos I was teaching. Call me thursday night, I'll have karate gossip by then... ;) xx

Jackie Adshead said...

I think that's a lovely compliment - that he thought of you as he did something that gave him pleasure - even if it was innocent (or not!)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'm not sure that any attention is better than no attention, but that was wonderful, flattering attention. I'm sure you deserve it.


P.S. Ro's comment made me snortle aloud in quite an unattractive way.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'd take it.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Maybe you should give him a picture of yourself in suitable underwear?

Johnny Huxley said...

Odd isn't it how certain foods and drinks have a romantic appeal. Imagine if the old roué had said that he was thinking of you while warming some milk.
I've often wondered how successful The Body Shop would have been with 'liver and onion' facial scrub, or beef dripping body butter...

having my cake said...

2$ - Im not sure I want to lmao

Will - Hello and cheers!

Nitebyrd - Im still undecided :)

Freddy - lol. Feel free. Any attention is good attention :)

Southern Sage - Compliments are critical!

Ro - Slut!

Ms Hansen - I would hate to work somewhere where you had to think about your vocal and bodily interaction all the time. Very trying!

Vi - Perhaps that should be my next career move. At least Id have the bar between me and them.

Blaze - Absolutely.

Brainy chick - So, not all attention is good attention then...

Ange - Shhhh. Pale Ale? They'll fink we're from Essiks or summink!

Jackie - Im trying to focus on the innocent side of it but he had a definite twinkle in his eye as he said it... and Im not sure he didnt say 'when I popped the cork'

Marianne - I must admit I looked a bit askance at his comment too. But then, he does have a very cute arse - not as fabulous as mine, obviously - but cute none the same :)

AB - Leave my poor pensioner alone. One boff from you and he'd be finished. Oh, you said it not him... phew!

GB - I believe he already has a dickie ticker, Im really not sure that sort of encouragement would be wise!

Johnny - Id use both of those. I am addicted to gravy :)

Johnny Huxley said...

A gravy habit? Do you cook it up over a flame?

Midnight said...

Hey nothing wrong with a handlebar! When I'm old I'm going for one myself and will be doing General Melchett impressions with any young girlie that will pull up a sandbag.

Actually come to think of it with the exception of the moustache I am already.

Anonymous said...

true, Your cake looks delicious.

Walker said...

If you are noticed in a flattering way then its all great.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

That sounds complimentary to me, but being of a similar 'flirt with anyone/anything' mentality I quite agree it can bring some strange comments your way! BG x

Larkin said...

It seems that you are ravenous in wanting as many cakes as you can possibly eat. Why not? Not a single calorie...

Keep smiling, and keep flirting. Cakes tend to get stale... *wink*

Dazza said...

Crazy. That will be me soon, handlebar moustache and everything.


Anonymous said...

Ah you young ladies! Being a 60 yo I can tell you that having snow on the roof doesn't mean that there isn't a fire in the oven.

And you all look so beautiful!