Friday, 28 March 2008

Subordinate, me

Chosen by Sexoteric

Engage me, seduce me, beguile me
Get your hands on my fabulous arse
Enrage me, reduce me, defile me
Let my fantasies all come to pass

Enthrall me, cajole me, control me
For your words orchestrate my demise
Besprawl me, despoil me, console me
As your knees force their way twixt my thighs

Contain me, absorb me, distress me
Is there no act my soul will reject?
Restrain me, disturb me, possess me
While my morals you slowly dissect

Enchant me, bewitch me, invite me
Know your voice wins the fight for my mind
Entice me, provoke me, incite me
Spank your palms on my perfect behind

Abuse me, insult me, regale me
Your lips whisper filth 'gainst my hair
Contuse me, dilate me, impale me
As you savage my pert derriere

Corrupt me, pervert me, defeat me
Make me beg you to hurt me and then
Protect me, placate me, complete me
Hold me close whilst you do it again


Mortuis said...

That was lovely....

Anonymous said...

I'm filled with admiration for you for being able to do poetry. I can't, not in the least.

Oh... and I've heard that you have a nice ass? Is it true? :)

Angela-la-la said...

Ooh, it's Pam ArseAyers ;)

Lady in red said...

very good

that was just perfect

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh I like a lot.

Nemo said...

That was sooo much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Just tell me when and where and I'll be there--fabulous ass, most most definitely, cake--oh my oh my yes. May I bring champage? Moet et Chandon? Ou un autre? 3 bottles I think only two for drinking of course, the other...
Well we'll have to see about that now, won't we...

Beau who think that maybe those Guinnesses can bloody well wait.

Joanna Cake said...

Magnus - Thank you x

Marianne - Im led to believe it's rather scrumptious

Ange - Stop lowering the tone. Im trying to be cultural here :)

LiR - Ta muchly

Brainiac chick - the poem or the arse sex?

Akrazael - ditto above :)

Beau - Hello and Welcome x Im definitely a good champagne kinda gal. Moet will be perfectly acceptable or a nice Bolly. And a Crystal wouldnt go amiss :)

Anonymous said...

All the Beau can say is: Yummy! :-)

Daren said...

Erotica and now poetry! Wow.


Midnight said...

I do like it when you get arsey!

nitebyrd said...

Awesome poem, Cake!

Easily Aroused said...

Bravo. Bravo indeed...


Joanna Cake said...

Thank you all x

little a said...


**Samantha** said...

Hmmm, tasty. Very well done.