Monday, 31 March 2008

Friends in Need - The BoobFest

It's always a problem when, for whatever reason, we suddenly find ourselves financially embarrassed. My friend, Z, over at The Naked Truth finds herself in such an impecunious position. If you admire her work and feel that you can help out at all, please follow the instructions given there.

Not all of us are able to click on her special button to help alleviate her woes but, from comments over at Marianne's, some are prepared to use other assets to come to her aid.

For a suitable financial donation to the cause, several bloggers have offered to indulge in a BoobFest and reveal parts of themselves that have not been seen by the BlogPublic before.

Obviously we can't just pepper our blogs with said photos or where would be the incentive for those who do wish to put their hands in their pockets. So, we're going to set a figure of $3000. When six confirms that donations reach that amount, all the bloggers, both male and female, will submit their boobshot for posting.

Boob cake pic from a selection at

In the spirit of Blue Peter, we are looking at posting a progress Titometer on Marianne's site. If any of you computer buffs can give us some guidance on how to achieve same in Wordpress, please could you get in touch.

Any other blogger who wishes to participate should just post all of the relevant information, especially a link to Z and her special button.

Those who have stepped up to volunteer so far are:

Having My Cake
Helga Hansen
His Grace The Duke
Oatmeal Girl
Wild Cat


Ro said...

Damn good idea and three cheers for all of you!

I'm intrigued to see that Il Duce has agreed to put up a boob shot too. That's going to be ... interesting ... from a strictly artistic viewpoint.

My chest really isn't worth putting on display ...

Wild Cat said...

I have no problem showing my 'bits' for a good cause - count me in!

Wild Cat said...

Oops, meant to say, is there a set text you want us to add to our blogs? I'm not that good at being creative, so if you can prompt some money-pulling prose I would appreciate it!

having my cake said...

Ro - Everyone has nipples... Im sure you can be creative :)

Wild Cat - Nice to have you on board. Just take a bit from either my post or Marianne's to explain what it's all in aid of and link to Z's special button so your readers will know where to donate.

Helga Hansen said...

Reporting for duty, Ma'am :)

Here's hoping we get a good response, eh?