Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Read my Blog.... NOW

The familiar beep signifying a text. He stirred in the bed and groped blindly for the phone. It was from her: 'Read my Blog... NOW!'.

Smiling sleepily, he dragged himself from the warmth of the bedclothes, threw on a robe and crept over to the computer to comply with the instruction.

As he scrolled down past the familiar banner, the words began to unfurl themselves:

How she was lying in bed daydreaming about him and touching herself. Driving herself mad over him.

Sighing that seven weeks was just too long to be without him and self-pleasure just wasn't enough.

Confessing how overcome with desire she was and reminding him of the fact that she was alone in the house with no parental ties or commitments.

They had agreed it wasn't worth it. A six hour round trip through the night with only a few hours in between.

But still she dreamed of donning just an overcoat to cover her nakedness and putting Cyndi Lauper on the MP3 at full volume as she 'Drove all Night to Get to You'.

Knocking on the door, pushing him bodily inside and taking possession of his lips. Letting the coat fall from her shoulders as she loosened his robe.

Revelling in the electricity of skin on skin. Immersing herself in his nakedness.

Taking his rigid cock and leading him to the bedroom before pushing him backwards onto his own bed and sliding onto him.

Slaking her lust and fulfilling her desire without ever a word passing between them.

Lying for just a few short moments in the comforting shelter of his arms before grabbing her coat and departing again.

When the doorbell rang, he was more than ready...


Allie said...

You go girl!

Vi said...

Maybe one day, you'll do just that!

Kate Michele said...

i suddenly have an unexplainable urge to hop a plane ;)

Anonymous Boxer said...

aww, I did this once and it was worth every damn minute of the travel... but I was young and everything seemed more simple then.

Still, I like the way you think.

nitebyrd said...

Sometimes the urge is so strong, you just HAVE to do it! I'm hoping that this was one of those times for you, Cake.

Angela-la-la said...

Good god, woman - think of the fuel cost! ;)

Ro said...

Sounds familiar to me ... mind you, on my it-wasn't-worth-it jaunts it's more likely to have been Roy Orbison's I Drove All Night playing through the journey :)

having my cake said...

Allie/Vi - I wish I had

Kate - Now that sort of trip really does intrigue me

AB - Ive done it once before. It was exhausting... but worth every mile

Nitebyrd - Fortunately it wont be too much longer

Ange - That was one of the overriding factors for not doing it this time

Ro - Honest, I nearly did use Roy Orbison but I wasnt sure all these young people would know who he was :)

Ro said...

I'm sorry Ms Cake but I have no intention of starting to make allowances for the inexcusable ignorance of the young! ;^)

Isabella Snow said...

Why not? Go on, then! ;)

Fat Controller said...

Ooooh, I just love being led into the bedroom by the cock. You certainly know what buttons to press!