Thursday, 20 March 2008

HNT - Hidden Nipple Thursday

They are angry at each other. Anger borne out of fear. Their bodies so close and yet the distance between them is almost insurmountable. A gulf, a chasm that threatens to destroy the fragile thing they have built.

She attempts to walk away but he grabs her wrist roughly to pull her back and, in frustration at his intransigence, she lashes out. The blow catches him smack on the nose, knocking him slightly off balance at the surprise of the attack. She tries again but this time he is ready and he catches her wrist, slamming her back against the wall and knocking the wind out of her, his other hand at her neck. Instinct takes over, her knees will not let her just be a victim as she twists in his grasp to give herself room to strike at his body. Her free hand raking at his face until his grip on her throat tightens forcing her to stop just to be allowed to breathe.

Panting and gasping, she sees the spark in his eyes and softens as he loosens his grip... just enough for her to elbow at his neck. He is smiling now at her ineffectuality, the futility of trying to fight him. It has always been so.

With his left hand tightening its grip on her throat, the fingers of the right clutch at the fabric of her shirt and rip, the force marking the back of her neck. She knows now what he is about. This will not be gentle. It will be crude and uncompromising but she doesn't care. She welcomes the coming battle, the replenishing of their lust. Groping at her exposed flesh, his palms rough against the soft skin. Kneading and mauling. She tries to savage him with her free hand but he captures it and holds both tightly in his one whilst the other tears at her clothes, leaving her naked except for the lacy boy shorts.

Held securely in his grasp, the lower half of his body pressing hard, pinioning and preventing her from kicking or kneeing him again, he makes free with her breasts. They belong to him, marking them with his teeth and his spit. Fingers gripping and twisting at the nipples. He wants to hurt her but she will not give him the satisfaction of showing the pain. Defiantly outstaring him until his mouth comes down on hers. Concupiscent lips, bent on submission. Hard and unforgiving. Implacable in pursuit of her subordination.

And then he forces her round, up against the wall and steps back to admire the soft swell of that glorious bottom. The marks at her waist where the forced removal of her skirt grazed her. Her nipples hidden as she tries to protect them with her hands from the scraping solidity of the concrete and the searching advance of his relentless fingers. He detects the slightest hint of the movement to flee and stops it vigorously with one hand on her neck, pinning her cheek to the wall as he continues his leisurely assessment of his quarry.

Sliding the soft lace to one side, he forces himself into her.

His spare arm gripping her waist tightly and lifting her to gain the optimum position for his penetration.

Thus is she forced to acquiesce and be tamed.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just know it has to be rough.

Gorgeous ass, baby. :)

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hmm, now I would have classed them as more a french knicker than a boy short.
Very sexy though;) BG x

Gorilla Bananas said...

These days it might be wise to get the woman to sign a consent form first.

Akrazael said...

Base, animal lust. There's nothing like it and it can be just as much fun to be the prey as predator.

I agree with marianne - Luscious!

Anonymous said...

I had to come back to look at your ass again... and to let you know that I've tagged you.

EmmaK said...

Ah Cake you have a truly wonderful arse! Lovely knickers too.

Vi said...

hhhmmm, that's a piece of cake that I could easily enjoy biting into! (and calorie free no less!)