Wednesday, 26 March 2008


My shoulder hurts

My lower back groans

My thighs throb

My hips creak

My buttocks smart

My adductors burn

My cunt is numb

My arse stings

My nipples prickle

My skin tingles

My mind wants to lose itself in the sleep of exhaustion

After seven weeks of barren frustration, culminating in five days of rampant excess, I ache all over

But my smile is beatific

And I know that every cell in my body is alive...


Ro said...

The very best workout the body can get ... and the most enjoyable too :)

Mind you, seven weeks! seven weeks! It's no surprise you ache with all that time to make up for :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Your cunt is numb?! This sounds serious! Someone better un-numb it soon!

Anonymous said...

Gosh... you should wear some nice, loose clothing for a bit. Don't, for example, try driving around in tight jeans, until your cunt de-numbifies.

Well done, Ruf.

bittersweet me said...

oh my - we seem to be in the same predicament.

I am waiting for the drugs to kick in before i try to move again.

His said...

What a marvelous feeling that be so well used and loved on.

Z said...

I'm so busy being impressed at "adductors", whatever they are, I can't waste time being sorry for you.

Mainly because I'm really happy for you :)

having my cake said...

Ro - It certainly works all the hardest to reach parts :)

GB - Dont lady gorillas suffer from this problem?

Marianne - Bitch!

Me - LMAO. Drugs? Im a martyr who prefers to suffer... and remember how each ache was acquired.

His - It is... although Ruf is also complaining about sore parts. I believe a finger was mentioned...

Z - Adductors are the bits in your groin that pull if you spre... oh, never mind. Thank you x

Akrazael said...

How sweet and blissfully wonderful that kind of pain is! I'll feel sympathy as soon as the jealousy wears off!
So glad your happy days are here again...

Vi said...

God, I'd love to ache like that again! Good for you girl!

Fat Controller said...

'Beatific'????? How DARE you????

I was going to use that.

Glad you got your just desserts at last but....

We want DETAILS girl!!!

having my cake said...

Akrazael/Vi - Im feeling much less achy today and looking forward to the fact that in just over a week, I shall be pushing my body back to those extremes :)

FC - Sorry. The word just came to me and was so descriptive of how I felt. More details to follow next week when I've got my head around them.

The Land of Plethora said...

I was lucky enough to experience this last weekend and oh my, what satisfaction and contentment for days afterwards.

Thank you for being you and for all the support and love. You so totally rock! Because of the few people like you, my life will once gain be back on track.

Be goooooood to yourself sweets!