Monday, 21 January 2008

A Clandestine Liaison

As soon as I got the text about your back, I was straight on the phone and I told you I was coming anyway. If you were confined to bed, then so be it. I could at least look after you.

So, two days later, showered and dressed in some very sexy lingerie underneath jeans and a tshirt, I found myself in my car making the long trip to your home. I had my detailed instructions so I wouldn't get lost on the Ring Road and I chanted it like a mantra to myself, focusing on the getting there rather than what would happen after I arrived at my destination. I was trying so hard to pretend that this was not so important.

I called you from the car when I had parked up and you came out. You had just finished having a bath and shaving. We hadn't actually seen each other in the real world for three months and then we had been just friends. This was quite strange. You opened the door and just leaned in and kissed me. I didn't know what to do, what to think, I just let your lips take me. Trying to ignore the fear that I wasn't doing kissing very well. It had been so long since I had kissed someone properly and being stone cold sober really wasn't helping.

Helping me out of the car, you responded to my fears for your health that things were much improved from two days lying flat on your back and promptly lifted my bag out of the boot and carried it for me, with the other arm around my waist. Ushering me past your bike and into your flat. Closing the door behind me.

I'm not sure what I was expecting but I guess it was a typical bachelor flat. Not exactly tidy, but not messy either. Standing in the doorway to your room, you kissed me again. I tried to respond properly but the enormity of what was happening was getting the better of me.

Insisting that I sit on the chair in the kitchen whilst you made a cup of tea, I can remember sitting there watching you bustling about and, as I took the mug, I realised that my hands were shaking with nerves. I was really scared.

This was a major deal. It had the potential to be the best thing I had ever done but it was also the biggest betrayal with huge repercussions. To have my cake and eat it too. To be a faithless wife and break all the vows I had made in Church nearly twenty years before. To betray everything that I held most dear... in order to reach a sexual potential that my Husband was no longer able to tap into. To release the person buried deep inside me who was so desperately trying to get to the surface and live.

What I remember most is how kind you were, how patient. You made me feel that it was worth putting in the time to reassure me now in the light of the pleasure that was to come later. That I was precious to you and worth waiting for. Trying so hard to help me relax. Not jumping on me straightaway but waiting for me to get accustomed to my surroundings and the situation.

Eventually we resorted to alcohol. I had brought brandy with me and we chatted whilst I sipped. I could feel the fiery liquor coursing around my body and starting to have its expected effect. So I had another... and a third.

You'll have to forgive me if things start to become disjointed and confused but, after copious amounts of brandy, mixed with massive surges of adrenalin, that's how it all seemed. But at least I had stopped trembling.

It was getting dark in the flat and you put the light on in the hallway and just a lamp in the lounge. Suddenly I noticed something stuck to the mirror, a newspaper cutting and went across to have a look. It was the results of a poll that the paper had run and the headline ran something to the effect of 'Cake Still Number 1'. You had seen it and thought of me and stuck it up to remind you. It was the sweetest thing.

Laughing delightedly and looking into the mirror with you standing so close behind me, I was acutely aware of you. Of the heat coming off you. Our eyes met and you smiled. That sparkly smile that depresses the dimple in your cheek and turns my legs to jelly. Putting your arm around my waist, you buried your face in the soft skin of my neck, just below my ear. nuzzling and kissing. Hot breath on my cool flesh at the point where the blood pumps so strongly, pulsing close to the surface. We could both feel the shiver that ran through me raising goosebumps all over my body.

As I stood there on the edge of the precipice, torn over a decision that would assuredly affect the rest of my life, you slid your hand between my legs from behind; feeling the heat of my lust through my jeans as your fingers gently stroked across the fabric. And then you brought in the full weight of your palm arousing me to the point where I knew...

Knew that I was lost. That I had to have you right here and right now. That there could be no turning back.

Pushing me face down over the sofa and probing me until I was panting with wanting you and then we were kissing. Frantically exploring each other's mouths as we rolled off the sofa and onto the floor where you pulled off my tshirt, my jeans and my thong leaving just the basque and the lacy topped holdup stockings.

And penetrated me for the first time with your fingers. I thought I would explode when you found my gspot straightaway, leaving me clutching at you with excitement as you moved away.

You pulled one of the wooden chairs away from the table and into the middle of the room; placing me on it as you reached into my bag and pulled out my toys. The toothbrush, the tulip and a rabbit were the only things I possessed in those days but you wanted to see them for real. You'd already watched me make myself come on the webcam and were demanding a ringside seat this time.

At first I was so self-conscious, even with the courage of the brandy but I did as you asked. Whilst you watched from the sofa, stroking your huge erection, I took myself to climax with the tulip for your pleasure. But you have never been the sort of man just to sit back. You're the most hands-on guy I have ever met, so it wasn't long before I was kneeling on the seat of the chair with one hand resting on the back of it and the other holding the tulip to my clit as you stood behind me and fingered me to another climax.

And that's when you did it for the first time.

I squealed with surprise at the shock of the intrusion before shrieking as the orgasm hit. Yes, I had done it for myself in the past but I just hadn't been expecting you to do that quite so soon. The combination of your thumb up my arse and the tulip on my clit was a position we would return to time and time again in the future but this was the first time and it transcended anything I had ever managed to do to myself.

As I fought to collect myself, I was aware of you standing in front of me stripping off your clothes. I can remember so clearly looking at you through the barrier of my fringe, individual strands obscuring the whole picture and the effects of the alcohol blurring the edges. Dishevelled and half-drunk, watching you over the top of the chair back as you held out your hand to grasp mine before leading me into your bedroom and lying with me on the bed where we kissed and kissed until...

Alcohol was my saviour but it is also a demon for destroying braincells because the truth is that I cannot remember any more of that momentous occasion two years ago...

... but I must have liked it because I'm still here and I can't wait to do it again.

Happy FirstFuckDay Ruf x


Walker said...

You remember plenty but give it time it will cum back to you and like you said you're still there.
But if you ever get the feeling of Deva Vu while in the throws of passion, that was it

I need more coffee now, fuckit.
I want brandy.

Allison said...

Damn alcohol. So good yet so bad.

Gorilla Bananas said...

It was just one year ago that he first ravished you? It must seem like a lot has happened since then. Full marks to him for not being jealous of the toys!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Such a lovely, and sexy post, I too am amazed it's only been a year. He's a lucky man.
Not sure about the alcohol, but I often find it all feels a bit disjointed when trying to remember really passionate encounters. BG x

Anonymous said...

"Alcohol was my saviour but it is also a demon for destroying braincells because the truth is that I cannot remember any more of that momentous occasion two years ago..."

This makes me glad I was very much sober the first time I slept with my lover. And then afterwards I wrote down what happened in as much detail as possible, because I knew I would forget details without that prompt.

Also, all these people who think it was one year clearly need to stop skim reading. :p

Joanna Cake said...

Walker/Allie - Praise to the fount of relaxation that is brandy :)

GB - It's two years today. And Ruf has embraced my toybox. Since I started being sent freebies, he complained about my playthings taking over his room so I had to acquire a little set of drawers to accommodate everything, otherwise known as the box of hedonistic delights.

BG - Two years. I remember lots of events from the following day and I remember him cooking me two meals that weekend but not that one important union.

Chatelet - Thank you for properly perusing me :) I wish I had written something about it down but at that time I never had any intention of blogging and I kind of assumed I would always remember such a momentous event with or without the brandyhead. Mind you, there was a helluva lot of coupling that weekend so it's not really surprising if some of it has merged together.

Vi said...

I bet those two years have gone by fast!

Anonymous said...

You were right that it was momentous, and lucky that it has continued to be so (but, sometimes you just know it will be worth it):)

Constance said...

I hope that you let him read that, Cake. I can't think of a better memory / anniversary present ! You described it all so vividly... Very sexy...If that's what you remember half-drunk, I can't wait to read what you write when you were completely sober :)

Eyes of the World said...

lovely, I can so relate to such a life changing evening, and it's been nearly two years........of heaven

The Land of Plethora said...

What a wonderful post. :)

You both are quite lucky I'd say ;)

Anonymous said...

very naughty, xx, loved it, x

Anonymous said...

Cake, im so jealous, your everytime sems like the first time, if only i had such chemistry with my partner..

Karen said...

I could feel your nerves in the beginning, it was after all a very momentous occasion and a first outside of your marriage. Who wouldn't be nervous at the enormity of it. I'm so glad the two of you still find each other so exciting and intoxicating and I am a little jealous too :)

Effortlessly Average said...
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Effortlessly Average said...

Ugh. I hate feeling this way. heh. On the one hand it's a great story about so much more than just sex. But on the other... well, let's just say I wonder if this is how my wife will describe her first experiences with her new man at some point down the road (while we were still married). While I'm standing here still emotionally tied to our marriage. A first experience that I fear will happen when in a few months she'll be going to spend a few weeks for work to the same place where he is now. Where there will be no spouses (his or hers) and no way for them to really be "found out." Will either respect their spouse enough to resist? Somehow, with an attitude that suggests that, to them, they're already single, I doubt it.

Dammit, where's that councellor's number? heh.

Anonymous said...

Awwww! That is so adorable...!

What a beautiful tribute. And how pantie-moisteningly hot!!

Joanna Cake said...

Vi - The time has just sped past.

Z - It was a leap of faith that was rewarded. I would hate to be sitting here now regretting it.

Annie - He knows where my blog is. Maybe one day he will comment but that's up to him :)

Eyes - Hello and Im glad you can empathise.

Plethora - definitely blessed.

Wayne - It must be getting very close to day 100. Hope you're still holding on.

Cloute - I can only write how it is for us and hope that it continues but I know that there will be times when we have to work at it.

Gypsy - I dont ever want to lose this feeling but Im realistic enough to accept that it cannot remain so intense forever.

EA - Shit, Im sorry, I hadnt really thought of it from that point of view. I dont want anyone to think Im advocating what I did is the best route for every spouse who is unhappy in their marriage. It took me a long time to get to that point and was the right thing for me at that time. I dont regret it because Ive been incredibly lucky but I dont believe that everyone would be.

Juno - Thank you and you were a panty-moistener yourself with your recent win x

Effortlessly Average said...

No, I understand. Entirely. For all I know your ex was a raging prick who knew what you were going through and openly denied it of you.

It's just not my case. I truly love my wife. And I always, always tried to be a thoughtful, caring, loyal husband. One day we're sleeping with our arms wrapped around each other; two days later she "not sure she can stay married any longer."

Then Brian came into the picture. Now I wonder if she justifies her turning to him in a similar way. And I have to say it hurts to imagine that she could give her heart -and body- to another man; that she could experience butterflies or shocks of sexual energy from another when she's still married to me, yet come home and ask me to live with her for the benefit of the kids because in her mind, we're already divorced so she's not doing anything wrong.

Where in the hell is that counsellor's number dangit! heh.

Still- because I don't know your situation, I'm not judging you. Honestly. I just regret mine is all.

George said...

Well said ... some events really stand out don't they ... I think I remember the first time with a number of women ... and they weren't all that good LOL

bdenied said...

very erotic post, loved the description of his hand between your legs with jeans made that very hot

nitebyrd said...

Stunning post, Cake! I'm sure it wasn't the alcohol that affected you. He just fucked you senseless. :D

Jackie Adshead said...

Beautiful descriptive writing as ever, Cake. Very vivid and poignant and lovely!

Ronjazz said...

Ah...NOW I understand your reference in my blog. While I was writing, you were writhing!

You have obviously been able to balance what you need to do with what you want. That's a skill that not many of us have. I envy you and I thank you for our continuing contact!

Joanna Cake said...

EA - He's not like that, just a very unemotional person who was unable to meet my needs. I try not to think about what the discovery of my activities would mean to him because it is too horrible to contemplate. Reading your comment just makes me so sad.

George - Hopefully there are one or two that are memorable for the right reasons :)

Bdenied - Hello and thank you.

Nitebyrd - LOL... and he's been doing it ever since which is why Im such an airhead.

Jackie - Thank you.

Ron - Yes but I live on a knife edge that I will be discovered having my cake and eating it too x