Monday, 1 October 2007

The Harem

The very naughty Ronjazz has taken me, literally, and made me a part of his Harem.

Monday: The Harem # 13 - Having My Cake
NOTE: This is an apology to my friend Cake for taking so long in getting her into the Harem. I am glad to offer this little story now and hope you all to enjoy it.

She woke up from her deep sleep. Her hands were tied to her legs with soft leather straps. Having My Cake had said that she wanted to see as much variety in the moment as she could....and he intended to give it to her. Catering to her as she wished, but in his own way....which meant anything could happen to her. For her. With her. Cake was on her side. He turned her over on her back. The first thing he did to her was to use one thick finger on her clit. He varied the speed of his attack on her wet, slick button. She absolutely loved the pressure and he talked to her while he manipulated her pussy opening.

"You see, honey? It doesn't take a lot to excite a woman, once you know how she likes it."

And every response of the night that came from Cake's mouth was breathless and stuttering and lusty. But she answered him right back: "A-an-d you know I-I-I l-ove it, baby!!" Her breathing, though staggered and excited, would not stop her from being her lover's equal. That's what real lust is -- meeting one force with another, creating the spark. He now put two fingers inside her pussy. It was maddening to this hot, remarkable woman to have someone rub her magic spot and to react back in a physical manner; she loved it and hated it at the same time......

Earlier in the evening, they met at a location that they mutually agreed on in their online byplay. He would pay for everything, and she would meet his challenge in every way possible. She picked the meeting place...That's how they ended up in Miami's South Beach. On the sand in front of Frog's Bar and Grill, just a small piece from the resort where he had gotten a penthouse room for them for the weekend. She was dressed in a cherry-red bikini with a soft white wrap-around that hugged her ass like frosting on...well, you know. Her gorgeous womanhood exploded from the top, talking to every person, man or woman, who walked by. Finally she saw a crisp, white suit and sunglasses. His bald head shone brightly in the sun, and Cake unconsciously licked her lips and thought "Oh, my God, he told the truth...." Carrying with him a small suitcase, he easily ambled to her and said "Thank you....Love you in red." Cake smiled faintly and blurted out "You're welcome....And look good enough to eat. LOVE that bald head." "Plenty of time, honey. Let's go inside for a minute." He extended his arm and Cake took it. After a few steps, they stopped. He turned to face her and said quietly "Spread your legs." She was a bit taken aback, but once she got her game back, she took off her sandals and spread her legs. He reached down to sample her juice, putting nearly his whole hand inside. She suddenly screamed in surprise and excitement. He wiggled his fingers in her cunt like he was waving to her from inside, and she found this extremely exciting. He grabbed her hair and exerted pressure just enough to have her lean back into his arms as he turned her, facing the Atlantic Ocean. With all those fingers in her cunt, he began to handfuck this hot bitch to his heart's content. And she drank it all up and kept her eyes open, making sure he knew that she was able to take what he wanted to give. In broad daylight. With people walking by, but keeping their distance. He stroked her hard as she stood there melted into him. She lost her balance a little, and he let go of her thick hair and grabbed her by the waist. Cake instinctively put her right arm around his neck and held on. He fucked her for about ten minutes like that; the more she would cum, the more he would jackhammer into her thick, wet pussy.... Finally....after a last violent orgasm, Cake collapsed in the sand, breathing hard and nearly satiated. He left her there, saying "You know where I'll be, honey...." And she hadn't seen this man for any length of time yet....This was gonna be fun....

When she got her muscle back, Cake got up and went into Frog's, where the place was quite busy. She went to the restroom to straighten up as best she could, and then she came back out. Looking around, she found him in the corner. He had a large shrimp cocktail and two glasses of wine. When she got to the table, he stood up and tended to her chair. She did hesitate, but she did accept the gentleman in him and sat down. He picked up his glass and gave the other to her. "I admire you, Cake. You bounced back pretty well." She clinked his glass and said "I've been looking forward to this for weeks. You dish it out, baby. I'll take it." They drank a quiet moment in. He took a shrimp, lightly dipped in cocktail sauce, and held it slightly above her head. He chuckled "Open up." She smiled and gladly sucked down the delicacy, ice-cold and spicy. A little red sauce dribbled down from her lips. He took his hand and wiped it. When he did, Cake took the hand and started sucking on his fingers.....Jesus, he still had her on his hands, and she was incredibly turned on by this. She sucked each finger clean -- every one was enveloped in her sweetness. When she reached the last finger, they both smiled at each other. He said "Look in the chair beside you." Cake turned and looked down....there was a small gift wrapped neatly in red and white. She put it on the table. "Should I open it?" "Only if you want to know what it is." She giggled and rapidly opened up the box. It was a simple little blue bullet vibrator. She looked at him, a bit uncertain as to what was next. "Thank what should I do with this?" He put down his glass. He refilled it and topped hers off. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, royal blue remote control. "Now Cake....what do YOU think?"

Without any hesitation....and especially after she'd been so deliciously and roughly done out in the sand....Having My Cake pulled her bottom wrap aside and expertly inserted the bullet into her constantly dripping pussy. He put the control down beside the bottle. And they talked. In a romantice and alluring way, they shared the next hour or so as new lovers might, sharing their lives, their loves, their wants. She discovered that he had a gentle, loving side that mingled with his strong, masculine side; he was a man of variety and versatility, a true Gemini. In the middle of one particularly intimate moment, he reached over to Cake's shoulder and slipped his hand behind her, again grasping a handful of hair -- she couldn't get enough of that feeling -- and pulled her over to him. They kissed in an 'I-can't-wait-anymore' kind of way. And with these two tongues plunging themselves into each other, Cake began a vocal purr that got louder with each move. Suddenly, as she purred into his mouth, she emitted an "OOHHHHHH!" and started a spasmodic, violent jerking. He had grabbed the remote and turned it to its highest setting immediately. She instinctively reached and grabbed his arm and held on.

He pulled away and started in her ear:"Yeah, honey...come on, show me....Jesus, you are fucking gorgeous, youhotlittlebitch... that'swhatIwanthoneyshowmeyourcum...justcumformecumformeyoubitch!"And he kept her in that spot -- physically comfortable in her chair, but going crazy inside her cunt -- for what seemed like forever....he was NOT letting her go. And she didn't give a flying fuck about anything or anyone except this orgasm, this man, this moment....she held on and her noise got louder. Neither of them cared that people around began to watch this display now in a fascinated way. Cake wanted this to go as long as he wanted it to go....she needed to show this man, after all their conversation, after all the sexual exchange previous to their meeting, that she was exactly what she portrayed to him. Finally....finally after a seemingly endless it was a kind of relief....and unlike any she'd seen in a long time, Cake felt the power of the bullet turn off. When that happened, she simply passed out in her chair. He easily picked her up and carried her to the hotel next door.......

......she woke up from her deep sleep. Her hands were tied to her legs with soft leather straps. Having My Cake said she wanted to see as much variety in the moment as she could....and he intended to give it to her......

"You see, honey? It doesn't take a lot to excite a woman, once you know how she likes it."

Cake was drawn to and angered by such arrogance. She was determined to hold everything back as long as possible. She'd never done that before, but then again, she's never met such a man. He increased the movement and the speed on her clit, which only served to heighten her stimulus and make it more difficult to not cum for this man. But she tried -- he stroked her clit for a good ten minutes, using one, then two, then three fingers. He started swearing at her: "You fucking cunt, you'll cum if I have to fuck you all night!" She smiled lasciviously. He went to the suitcase he brought with him and pulled out a shiny butt plug. He hurriedly lubed it up and shoved it in her ass, with no regard for her comfort. "GODDAMN YOU!!" she cried. Then he flipped her over to where she was lying face down on the pillow, her tied hands beside her. She was mentally ready, but wondered seriously where this was going.

He went to the side of the bed. He undressed himself, and she found herself immediately turned on by the fact that this man was going to fuck her right here, right now. He pulled her over to him and began stroking himself about a foot away from her face. She could smell his body and suddenly realized that this was the challenge to her stance. He got himself hard and full and she thought "Damn. That's six nice inches." He then got up on the bed behind her, and Cake felt the cock being shoved into her pussy, filling her up like nothing had recently. With the end of the butt plug just touching his torso and his dick pounding her pussy, she found her breathing labored and excited. He kept fucking away, slapping her ass like it was his toy, which it was. She started those vocal things she did when excitement would take over. He began to match her vocally with every thrust. Suddenly they both began to talk and yell at each other, at the fucking, at whatever came to mind....

"You fucker, you can't make me cum if you had eight FEET of cock!...Oh damnit, DAMNIT!!"
"Goddamn you bitch, bring it on, I'm gonna SHOVE THIS COCK UP YOUR CUNT!"

On and on this went, Cake literally daring this man to make her cum before he did, he continuing his relentless fucking. They both found this place they had discovered astoundingly hot and unabandoned and only endurance stopped them after about a half-hour. But not before --


He shot his cum into her, on top of her, on the bed, on his stomach. Cake once again felt a huge gush and a fierce, angry spasm of orgasmic feeling and kept cumming for about 30 seconds after he finished his spurting, just shaking and vibrating and seizing her body until she finally collapsed....both on the bed....exhausted....spent....and both fell asleep......

Couple of hours later, Cake awoke. He was sitting beside her with a cool drink in his hand and had placed one on the nightstand next to the bed. They both instinctively smiled at each other. "Oh my god" he said. "I've never experienced that in my life." She stirred and slowly pulled herself up to lean on the bedpost. " know I did my best to not cum. You pissed me off....but you did it....I loved it, too. And I don't know if I can fuck like that again...." He then showed her the butt plug he had inserted. And he laughed heartily. "Cake, I found this over by the door. Did you know that?" That was the big gush when she squirted and had literally shot the butt plug out of her butt. They both laughed together. Then he handed her the leather straps that he had removed from her while she slept. "You know....we could TRY to do it again....", as he started stroking himself.

Cake just chuckled. "You try it again....I'll just watch this time....either that or let me put that plug up YOUR ass...."


RAFFI said...

so what do i do to make you part of my ever-so-expansive harem? usually flogging them on the head and dragging them to my cave works well, but i'm somewhat more sophisticated nowadays.

having my cake said...

Raffi, I may be small but you should remember that I do martial arts. You just might find it's yourself who's being flogged and dragged :)

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Nothing like reading a fantasy someone has written about you, you lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

You're someone's wet dream!!! Go, girl!

Pixie said...

Well now that's a compliment!
Better let Ruf know he's got competition.

RAFFI said...

bring it on! i enjoy being flogged and dragged

Steve Patterson said...

You are heading down the wrong path.

Don't be a bumbler.

It's not too late.

Come to me.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Cake - you can SO take on Raffi and the Rabbit.

having my cake said...

Vi, Isabella - Isnt it wonderful. Im really flattered

Pixie - I have sent Ruf the link, I am awaiting his prognostications

Raffi - I am a ninja, I always attack when least expected

Steve - Me and bunnies have a history. It isn't good... The long eared ones always lose. You need to read my post titled 'Discombobulated Rabbits' from July.

AB - Im back in training :)

Angela-la-la said...

Training? I thought we were calling it Feel a Friend Friday now? ;)

Loving Annie said...

Good Monday evening Cake !

OH MY. OH MY. YOWSA !!!!! He is SERIOUSLY into you, girl !

Vi vi vi said it best ! But then , so did Isabella...

Loving Annie

Gypsy said...

Hot damn that was horny!!!

having my cake said...

Shhh Angie - one of us has got to do a post on that one. What a shame there were no pictures!

Annie/Gypsy - what can I say? Other than that Ron is a man of exceedingly good taste :)