Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sugasm #99

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for me - my first Sugasm pick... mwah!!!

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This Week’s Picks

Don’t think..

“As you read this, you reach for your cock and stroke it slowly, in anticipation of our eventual meeting.”

I’ll be out in 2 mins, I’m just brushing my teeth…

“One centimetre at a time, he slid oh so slowly into me and then retreated out again.”

We all have Secrets

“I’ll give you a little reminder - it was when he and his wife were making me cum so hard that I blacked out.”

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Letter to a Lover

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Steve Patterson said...

I'm totally cute.

Akbar Muhad said...

Hello my dear. You are very beautiful for a white woman.

Please, when you have time comment on our progress of Charley Pride.

Many blessings,


Raymond said...


I can be protectin you aganst the bumblers nice lady!

Waynecoff said...

i would have come before you got back from the bathroom, not that I suffer from premature ejectulation, but just the thought of you the otherside of the door naked, ....oh yeah....

Anonymous Boxer said...

Cake, WTF? :-)

having my cake said...

Ok, ok. I know Im probably going to regret this, but who/what is/are Charley Pride and Bumblers?

bittersweet me said...

congratulations, hun.

strange comments ...

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

See what happens when you get on sugasm? lol All the weirdos come! congrats by the way!

Ian said...

Charllie is the way and bumblers are those who do not follow.

You can follow.