Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The LoveHoney Sqweel

When Ruth at LoveHoney> contacted me to be involved in their top secret launch event, I was totally intrigued. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, whether it would be a toy or a lube or something completely different.

As soon as I got my hands on the parcel, I got stuck in straight away. The packaging was really nice. Not square, but with the base wider than the top like an Inca pyramid or a really interesting box of chocolates and emblazoned with the words 'Sqweel'.

The narrower white lid opening upwards to reveal the plastic encasing a black, circular disc-like device. Upon closer inspection this turned out to be more shell-like. It reminded me of those tiny little toys you get with Polly Pockets.

Inserting the thoughtfully-included three AAA batteries, as instructed in the little manual, I pulled off the lid to reveal the internal workings. It contains a wheel of little pink silicon tongues which are evenly spaced around its circumference. You place these against your clit and operate the control button on the bottom of the case with your index finger. From slow to medium to fast the tongues rotate around their central axis, stroking your clit upwards or downwards depending on which way you hold the case.

It also feels very nice on your nipples or your man's scrotum and the addition of a water-based lube in all areas adds to the sensation.

The device is not waterproof so should not be used in the bath or shower.

Cleaning-wise, it seems to come apart fairly easily, so you can wash the tongued wheel in warm soapy water or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. The inside and outside of the casing just needs the attention of a damp cloth.

All in all, it's a very cute and original little addition to the toybox. My only concern is that, for me, it was more of a pleasing tickle than truly orgasm-giving so for the more demanding consumer, it might prove to be a little lightweight. However, in addition to my normal menopausal state, which seems to mean that I require excess stimulation, I was trying it out during a weekend with Ruf when my clitoris gets as much attention as it can really cope with so it does have a tendency to become desensitised.

I think I shall return to this product in a couple of weeks for an update.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Now, I want one of those! I am very, very jealous!

Gorilla Bananas said...

EmmaK tried it out and found it wanting, like you. It doesn't really EAT pussy, does it?

Mischievous Snow White said...

Hmm, it looks like it could be fun, but like you said, might not be powerful enough to really deliver a sweet orgasm...

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